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Grammar: wishes and regrets Quiz


If only there _____ something I could say to make you feel better.

A. was

B. were

They _________ have promised that.

A. shouldn’t

B. have shouldn’t

I think he wishes he ______ got involved.

A. hadn’t

B. haven’t

I should have _______ there for you. I’m so sorry.

A. to been

B. been

We should have ________ this years ago.

A. done

B. did

I wish ___________ you about this before.

A. I told

B. I’d told

It was so nice to see you! It’s a_______ that it was so short.

A. honour

B. pity

I regret not _________ more when I had the chance.

A. traveling

B. traveled

It’s a shame we ________see each other more often these days. I miss her!

A. didn’t

B. don’t

If only there _____an easy answer.

A. was

B. were


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