Mesopotamia Vocabulary Quiz


This word means a step pyramid which served as a temple.

A. Oud

B. Polytheistic

C. Hammurabi’s Code

D. Ziggurat

This word means the expulsion or attempted expulsion of an evil spirit from a person or place.

A. Cuneiform

B. Exorcism

C. Levees

D. Oud

This word means the process of inheriting a title, office, or property.

A. Gilgamesh

B. City-State

C. Succession

D. Polytheistic

This word is the belief in many gods that control various aspects of the physical and natural world.

A. Heliocentric

B. Leeves

C. Polytheistic

D. Succession

This word means an embankment built to prevent the overflow of a river.

A. City-State

B. Cuneiform

C. Leeves

D. Oud

The word means a land between two rivers, from Ancient Greek.

A. Mesopotamia

B. Gilgamesh

C. Hammurabi’s Code

D. Patriarchal

This word means a series of 282 laws that were laws of retribution.

A. Hammurabi’s Code

B. Gilgamesh

C. Mesopotamia

D. Cuneiform

The word means a base 60 Math system.

A. City-State

B. Sexagesimal

C. Cuneiform

D. Levees

This word means the authority of a state to govern itself.

A. Sovereignty

B. Hammurabi’s Code

C. Mesopotamia

D. Exorcism

This word means a wedge shaped writing due to triangular tip of stylus.

A. Cuneiform

B. Levees

C. Patriarchal

D. Ziggurat


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