Grammar Quiz

Intermediate Grammar Quiz


Has Mrs. Smith arrived ….. ?

A. yet

B. now

C. still

D. already

He went to the Stadium ….. taxi.





He ….. never been to America.

A. does

B. has

C. have

D. hasn’t

This is the girl ….. I met on Thursday.

A. who

B. which

C. what

D. when

How long have you been living in London?

A. Since 7 years.

B. 7 years ago.

C. For 7 years,

D. In 7 years.

You can watch TV ….. you like.

A. soon

B. always

C. whenever

D. whatever

She ….. go to school yesterday.

A. must

B. had to

C. ought to

D. shouls

I need to finish this ….. Friday.

A. during

B. by

C. until

D. at

The house was empty. There ….. there.

A. wasn’t nobody

B. was anybody

C. was somebody

D. was anybody

We haven’t got ….. money.

A. a lot

B. some

C. many

D. any

This house is quite old. It ….. in 1910.

A. built

B. was built

C. is built

D. build

Have you sent that letter to Mr. Taylor? Yes, I’ve ….. done that

A. yet

B. still

C. already

D. now

…. some more coffee?

A. Do you

B. Do you like

C. You’d like

D. Would you like

Peter ….. fly to San Francisco tomorrow.

A. to going

B. goes to

C. is going to

D. go to

Don’t ….. me. I’ll be back late

A. hope for

B. waiting for

C. expect

D. wait for


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