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Wish Sentences Quiz


They wish They ( come )…………………. to class on time yesterday morning.

A. come

B. came

C. could come

D. had come

Câu nào trong những câu sau đây thể hiện ước muốn ở tương lai?

A. Susan wishes she were a teacher in the future.

B. Susan wishes she had been a teacher in the future.

C. Susan wishes she would be a teacher in the future.

D. Susan wishes she is a teacher in the future.

I wish tomorrow …………………a workday.

A. wasn’t

B. were

C. weren’t

D. was

Câu nào trong những câu sau đây thể hiện ước muốn ở hiện tại?

A. I wish I were taller.

B. I wish I had been taller.

C. I wish I could be taller.

D. I wish I would be taller.

Choose the correct tense/form of the verb in bracket?

I wish I ( see ) ……………………that film on television again.

A. see

B. would see

C. saw

D. had seen

Choose a sentence whose meaning stays the same as the following sentence:

It ‘s a pity that I attended that terrible wedding.

A. I wish I hadn’t attend that terrible wedding.

B. I wish I hadn’t attended that terrible wedding.

C. I wish I didn’t attend that terrible wedding.

D. I wish I had attended that terrible wedding.

They wish he… with them the next day.

A. come

B. would came

C. would come

D. had come

She always wishes she… rich.

A. was

B. would be

C. had been

D. were

I don’t have a key. I wish…

A. I had a key.

B. I had had a key.

C. I would have a key.

D. I have a key.

Em hãy chọn đúng cấu trúc cho câu ước ở quá khứ?

A. S + wish + S + had + (not) + P2(V-ed/ V3) + O./

B. S + wish + S + had + V-ed + O.

C. S + wish + S + had + PII(ed/cột 2) + O.

D. S + wish + S + had + V-ed + O.

Có mấy kiểu câu ước?

A. 1 kiểu (Ước ở hiện tại)

B. 2 kiểu (Ước ở hiện tại và quá khứ)

C. 3 kiểu (Ước ở hiện tại, quá khứ và tương lai)

D. 4 kiểu (Ước ở hiện tại, quá khứ, tương lai và tương lai trong quá khứ)

Em hãy chọn cấu trúc đúng cho câu ước ở hiện tại?

A. S1 + wish/wishes + S2 + Ve-ed/V2 +…

B. S1 + wish/wishes + S2 + were/weren’t + …

C. S1 + wish/wishes + S2 + didn’t + V + …

D. All are correct

I wish my father ………… now.

A. is

B. are

C. were

D. am

My father wishes I…. the exam next month.

A. passes

B. passed

C. would pass

D. had passed

We will not go to Ha Long Bay next week…

A. We wish we would gone there.

B. We wish we would go there.

C. We wishes we would go there.

D. We wish us would go there.

Lan wishes she ……………. pass the next English exam .

A. would

B. will

C. wouldn’t

D. won’t

My mother wishes my father … smoking in the future.

A. would give up

B. gives up

C. giving up

D. gave up

Em hãy chọn đúng động từ “tobe” cho câu ước ở hiện tại?

A. am/is/are

B. were/ weren’t

C. have/ has been

D. had been

I cannot sleep. The dog next door is making too much noise. I wish it…. quiet.

A. kept

B. would keep

C. had kept

D. will keep

I wish I… go to the theatre for a vacation. ( can )

A. can

B. could

C. would

D. will


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