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Adverbs of Frequency & Simple Present Tense Quiz


The children ____ not always ____ TV in the evening.

A. do // watch

B. does // watch

C. did // watch

D. are // watching

Peter and I always ____ to the library together.

A. go

B. goes

C. going

D. went

Rachel never ____ meeting new friends. She is too shy.

A. enjoy

B. enjoys

C. enjoies

D. enjoyed

The baby often _____ at night.

A. cry

B. crys

C. cries

D. cried

____ you ____ your grandma yesterday?

A. Do // visit

B. Does // visit

C. Did // visit

D. Did // visited

Tina _____ reads before going to bed because she does not like reading.

A. sometimes

B. never

C. always

Toby has left Hong Kong, but we _____ speak on the phone.

A. never

B. sometimes

C. seldom

____ you often ____ Jacky?

A. Do // see

B. Did // see

C. Does // see

D. Are // seeing

Joey is lazy. He _____ does exercise.

A. always

B. usually

C. never

Susan sometimes _____ an apple after dinner.

A. eat

B. ate

C. eating

D. eats

I always _____ to do my homework, so my teacher is very angry.

A. forgetting

B. forget

C. forgot

D. forgets

Mum drinks coffee every day. She _____ drinks a cup of coffee before going to work.

A. sometimes

B. never

C. always

Steve ____ not usually ____ hiking in summer.

A. does // go

B. does // goes

C. do // goes

D. did // go

I don’t _____ play the violin, but I love playing the piano.

A. often

B. never

C. seldom

Maria likes swimming. She _____ goes swimming with her mother.

A. often

B. seldom

C. never

I _____ have English lessons with Miss Karmen on Thursday.

A. sometimes

B. seldom

C. usually

They ____ not ____ Miss Karmen last week.

A. do // meet

B. does // meet

C. did // met

D. did // meet


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