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Modals - Conditionals - Future Tenses Quiz


Yusuf ____ speak fluent French when they used to stay in Paris.

A. Mustn’t

B. Must

C. Couldn’t

D. Could

You … (to have) no trouble at school if you had done your homework.

A. would have

B. have

C. would have had

D. had

If you … (tell) me the truth, I would have helped you, but you lied to me!

A. tell

B. had told

C. would have told

D. will tell

If you … (to swim) in this lake, you’ll shiver from cold.

A. swam

B. swum

C. will swim

D. swim

____ you like some sweets that I made yesterday?

A. Might

B. Can

C. Would

D. Might not

You _____ visit the doctor immediately as your symptoms are quite severe.

A. Could

B. Can

C. Must

D. Might

I … (to call) the office if I were you.

A. called

B. would call

C. would have called

D. call

One ___ help the old and needy people.

A. Can

B. Ought to

C. Can’t

D. Might

If we meet at 9:30, we … (to have) plenty of time.

A. have

B. will have

C. would have

D. would have had

If you spoke louder, your classmates … (to understand) you.

A. understand

B. had understood

C. would have understood

D. would understand

Take the raincoat as it _____ rain later.

A. Should

B. Might

C. Would

D. Must

Uma ____ apply for the job she got in London.

A. Could

B. Couldn’t

C. Might

D. Might not

Rachel _____ have brought the bicycle, but she didn’t have enough money.

A. Could

B. Should

C. May

D. Might

If Mr Jones … (watch) the news every evening, he would know more about politics, but he doesn’t.

A. watches

B. had watched

C. would watch

D. watched

If Mel … (to ask) her teacher, he would have answered her questions.

A. had asked

B. asked

C. will ask

D. would ask

Dan … (to arrive) safely if he drove slowly.

A. would arrive

B. would have arrived

C. arrived

D. had arrived

The door will unlock if you … (to press) the green button.

A. would press

B. pressed

C. press

D. would have pressed

If Charlie … (not stop) eating these green apples, he will feel sick soon.

A. didn’t stop

B. hadn’t stopped

C. wouldn’t stop

D. doesn’t stop

The zookeeper would have punished her with a fine if she … (to feed) the animals.

A. feed

B. fed

C. feeded

D. had fed

I ____ like to talk about the great freedom fighters on Independence Day.

A. Would

B. Must

C. Can

D. Mustn’t

We ______the room by the time you get back. (FINISH)

A. will have finished

B. will finish

C. will be finishing

D. finish

If Susan takes her driving lessons regularly, she … (pass) her driving test.

A. will pass

B. pass

C. would pass

D. passed

____ you give me a bottle of water? My throat is parched.

A. Might

B. May

C. Shall

D. Could

Lisa would find the milk if she … (to look) in the fridge.

A. look

B. looked

C. would look

D. would have looked

If Mr Brown had sold his car last year, he … (get) more money for it.

A. got

B. get

C. would have got

D. would get


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