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Modals for Ability, Possibility and Permission Quiz


Which sentence is incorrect?

A. She had forgotten her glasses so she couldn’t see very well.

B. I can’t imagine how you are feeling right now.

C. They could smell burning so they called the fire brigade.

D. Mr Jenson can’t wait any longer so he went home.

Which sentence is incorrect?

A. I’ve been able to ice skate since I was 8.

B. Will you can remember the appointment or do you want me to write it down?

C. I love being able to go to bed late on Saturday night.

D. Their seats were at the back and they couldn’t see the performance very well.

Which option is not possible? It _______ rain later. Let’s go out anyway.

A. might

B. may

C. couldn’t

D. might not

Which option is not possible? ‘_______ her story be true?’ ‘I suppose so.’

A. May

B. Could

C. Couldn’t

D. Might

Choose the best question for this situation. A girl wants to use her brother’s games console.

A. Can I use your Xbox?

B. Could I use your Xbox?

C. May I use your Xbox?

D. Might I use your Xbox?

In which sentence can’t you substitute be allowed to with could?

A. We didn’t have lessons on Friday afternoons, so we were allowed to leave school early.

B. My parents were very easygoing. I was often allowed to stay out late.

C. Mary was allowed to have her first sleepover when she was 9.

D. Adam was allowed to take the Tube on his own when he was 11.

Which sentence hasn’t got the same meaning of the others?

A. It’s sometimes possible to park near the school.

B. You might not find somewhere to park near the school.

C. You may find somewhere to park near the school.

D. You couldn’t park near the school.

Which sentence is wrong? ‘Why is Claire crying?’

A. ‘She might have problems with her boyfriend.’

B. ‘She may be angry with her mother.’

C. ‘She might not feel very well.’

D. ‘She could not have difficulties at school.’

Which option is not possible? ‘_______ use our grammar books in the class test?’ ‘No, of course not!’

A. Are we allowed

B. Can we

C. Could we

D. May we

In which sentence does could refer to the past?

A. Hello Jim! I’m so glad you could make it after all.

B. She could come to the party if she wants.

C. The students could practise more after school to improve.

D. Your idea could be better than mine.

Which sentence is incorrect? ‘_______ you recite ‘To be or not to be’ by heart?’ ‘Not now, but I _______ when I was younger.’

A. Can / could

B. Are able / was able to

C. Could / couldn’t

D. Can / will be able to

Which sentence is incorrect?

A. Martin can’t do anything at home.

B. He isn’t allowed to invite friends over.

C. He wasn’t allowed to come to my party last week.

D. He can’t to go to the school disco next week.

Which sentence is correct?

A. He can be able to speak three languages.

B. I couldn’t to find my front door key yesterday.

C. My grandmother can cook really well.

D. The Prime Minister wasn’t able answer the journalist’s question.

Choose the correct answer. ‘May I ask who is calling, please?’

A. ‘Sorry, you can’t.’

B. ‘Yes, it’s Mr Kendall.’

C. ‘No, I’m sorry.’

D. ‘Of course you can use my phone.’

In which sentence would it be better to use could?

A. I was able to answer all the questions in the exam.

B. As a child Olivia was able to play the piano very well.

C. Were they able to get tickets for the show?

D. My cat was lost but we were able to find him in the end.


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