Grammar Quiz

Modals, Infinitives and Gerunds Quiz


We ________ to leave early to catch the train

A. could

B. can

C. should

D. have to

They enjoy _________ different types of food

A. trying

B. to try

I’ll never forget again ________ the book to class as, otherwise, I’ll be penalized

A. to bring

B. bringing

Do you feel like ________ to the museum

A. going

B. to go

You _______ study harder if you want to pass the exam

A. have to

B. don’t have to

C. shouldn’t

D. may

Her parents came _______ her new boyfriend gradually

A. to like

B. liking

He stopped ________ about his problem all the time as the psychologist told him not to overthink

A. thinking

B. to think

Tom is so pleasant _______ me with the project

A. helping

B. to help

He ________ have told me about the meeting, but he forgot.

A. can’t

B. can

C. should

D. shouldn’t

Liam and Mia don’t mind _________ home after the party

A. walking

B. to walk

Megan hopes _________ her job as she is not happy there

A. changing

B. to change

She _________ speak perfect English after living in London for 10 years

A. could

B. has to

C. is able to

D. have to

You _______ be more careful when driving with your baby

A. should

B. must

C. can

D. might

Susan has avoided ________ her phone this afternoon

A. to use

B. using

You _________ your parents at home or they’ll be angry with you

A. can

B. could

C. should

D. must

_______ I ask you a question, Madame?

A. May

B. Can

C. Should

D. Must

Linda regretted _______ about the matter before as she got upset

A. to talk

B. talking

_________ play the guitar when you were a child?

A. Can you

B. Will you be able to

C. Could you

D. Must

I ________ go to the store to buy some groceries because the fridge is empty

A. must

B. need to

C. can

D. mustn’t


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