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Grammar - Present and Past Passive Quiz


Kiev (Kyiv) is the capital city of Ukraine and it _______ in 482 according to the official records.

A. founded

B. was founded

C. is founded

D. founds

As a baby, Jack _________ hundreds of stories. He’s now 30 and a storyteller himself.

A. reads

B. is read

C. was read

D. read

At school, children _______ study skills, so they have problems at university level.

A. usually learn

B. don’t usually teach

C. aren’t usually taught

D. are usually learned

Many football teams ________ just because they are successful, but because they represent the city.

A. are supported

B. aren’t supported

C. support

D. don’t support

In your family, who ________ the most money every month?

A. spent

B. was spent

C. is spent

D. spends

Linda ________ the police by mistake, but they were very nice to her.

A. calls

B. is called

C. was called

D. called

They ________ delicious meals at that restaurant, so I often eat there.

A. serve

B. are served

C. served

D. were served

Usually, students _________ to study regularly, but it’s not always that easy for students to do so.

A. advised

B. were advised

C. are advised

D. advise

There are a lot of cats in our garden. They usually ________ themselves.

A. feed

B. were fed

C. fed

D. are fed

Some TV programs, specifically advertisements _______ false information about the quality of a product and many people believe them.

A. are presented

B. were presented

C. presented

D. present

In 1509, Galata Tower in Istanbul ________ because of an eartquake.

A. damaged

B. was damaged

C. damage

D. is damaged

Every year, millions of tourists _______ Turkey.

A. visit

B. are visited

C. visited

D. were visited


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