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Modal Verb Quiz


How about………..?

A. visiting your friends?

B. visit your friends?

The exhibition is free for all students. We___pay any fee.

A. mustn’t

B. shouldn’t

C. may not

D. don’t have to

___me to deliver these flowers for you?

That’d be nice.

A. Will you want

B. Would you like

C. Are you permitted

D. Should

which modal verb is often used with I think and is used when expressing one’s opinion?

A. Can/Could

B. May/might

C. Have to

D. Should

The noise is very loud, I will not ______ to concentrate.

A. be able to

B. can

C. could

I ___ climb the tree when I was five.

A. can

B. could

C. will

D. shall

__ I help you, Madam?

A. Dare

B. Should

C. Must

D. Can

You _____ wear seatbelts when you drive.

A. can

B. should

C. have to

D. must

I was late this morning because I ______ wait a long time for a bus.

A. should

B. must

C. had to

You……go to school today because it’s Sunday.       

A. mustn’t

B. needn’t

C. mightn’t

D. won’t

All people _____ obey the traffic rules.

A. mustn’t

B. have to

C. must

D. don’t have to


A. going to the zoo

B. go to the zoo

Oh dear, we seem to have run out of salt. I ________ to the corner shop before dinner.

A. will have to go

B. needn’t go

C. could have gone

D. must have gone

You are not allowed to cheat in the exam.

A. You needn’t cheat in the exam.

B. You mustn’t cheat in the exam.

C. You shouldn’t cheat in the exam.

D. You may not cheat in the exam.

_________ we leave now or do you want to wait?

A. Will

B. Mightn’t

C. would

D. Shall

You _______ park outside the entrance.

A. must not

B. don’t have to

You haven’t eaten all day. You _____ be hungry.

A. must

B. can’t

C. mustn’t

D. can

The car plunged into the river. The driver ____ out but the passengers were drowned.

A. is able to get

B. could get

C. was able to get

D. can get

I _____ get some sleep.

A. have to

B. must

Passengers ___ smoke until the signs have been switched off.

A. mustn’t

B. can’t

C. needn’t

D. mightn’t

_______ I look after Catty for a couple of hours so that you and Kevin can go to the cinema?

A. Shall

B. Let

C. Do

D. Did

He _____ to see a doctor tomorrow.

A. must

B. has to

The exams are next week. I ______ work harder because I want to get high scores.

A. must

B. have to

__________ carry this for me, please?

A. Would you

B. Let’s

C. why don’t we

You _____ stop playing computer games.

A. must

B. have to


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