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Modal Verbs of Certainty and Possibility Quiz


She must ______ all day because I haven’t seen her.

A. have worked

B. be working

That _____ his dog because I saw him taking it for a walk.

A. can’t be

B. must be

It ______ very easy for him to tell her.

A. couldn’t have been

B. mustn’t have been

She could _____ by bus but I thought she was taking the train.

A. have gone

B. go

You _____ tired. You’ve been sleeping for hours.

A. can’t have been

B. can’t be

I suppose he _____ be with his dad.

A. could

B. can

He must _____ about his tests next week.

A. have been worried

B. be worried

She could _____ more polite, but I think she was in a bad mood.

A. have been

B. be

She _____ to afford the tickets.

A. can’t be able

B. may not be able

They might _____ on the bus – I don’t think they’ve decided yet.

A. go

B. have gone

They can’t _____ yet – it takes three hours to get there.

A. have arrived

B. arrive

They may _____ the stones in another area.

A. have found

B. found

She can’t ______ at the gym because she hurt her ankle.

A. have been

B. be

They _____ just discovered how the temple was built.

A. may have

B. can have

We must ______ the tickets – I can’t find them!

A. lose

B. have lost

He could _____ late – it depends how long he has to work.

A. be

B. have been

They _____ spoken to him because he knew nothing about the party.

A. can’t have

B. must have

He set off ages ago. He ______ got there by now.

A. must have

B. can’t have

We _____ if we had practised more.

A. might have won

B. must have won

He _____ studying because I didn’t see him outside.

A. can have been

B. must have been


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