Grammar Quiz

Past Tense and Perfect Tense Quiz


Thelma ___attend birthday party last week.

A. was

B. has

C. Had

D. were

Your assignment will be _____ on Monday.

A. pass

B. passed

C. has pass

D. will pass

The dog is ____ in the floor.

A. Dancing

B. Dance

C. Dances

D. Dancer

Karen and Rania were late for the plane because they ____ their passport.


B. Forgotten

C. Had forgotten

D. Has forgotten

I already ___ my breakfast.

A. Ate

B. Eat

C. Eaten

D. Eated

The bird is flying___

A. In the sky

B. At the sky

C. At the air

D. In the air

I ___ him at the park yesterday.

A. Saw

B. Look

C. See

D. In

The baby is_____.

A. Crying

B. Cried

C. Cry

D. Crys

Lea and Jamaica ______ field trip this coming weekend.

A. will have

B. has

C. having

D. have been

By the time the firemen _____ the fire had destroyed many huts

A. Arrived

B. Arrive

C. Has arrived

D. Had arrived

I didn’t like the apartment. It was much smaller than I ______at first.

A. Had think

B. Had thought

C. Have thought

D. Has think

The kids are _____ basketball.

A. playing

B. played

C. plays

D. was play

What _____ today?

A. Did you do

B. You do

C. Had yo done

D. Has you done

Jane and Kent playing volleyball ______ covered court.

A. In

B. At

C. On

D. Behind


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