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Narrative Tenses & Conditionals Quiz


While I ________, I suddenly felt sleepy.

A. was studying

B. had studied

C. study

D. am studying

If people stopped using cars completely, there _______ much less pollution.

A. will be

B. would be

C. would have been

D. would

If I _______ English fluently, I wouldn’t need to take any lessons.

A. speak

B. am speaking

C. spoke

D. had spoken

When she arrived, the match __________ already.

A. had started

B. was starting

C. started

D. were starting

Tom will be at the party tonight. If I ______ him there, I will say hello to him.

A. see

B. am seeing

C. will see

D. saw

I _______ my leg while I was skiing.

A. break

B. had broken

C. broke

D. was breaking

From 1975 to 1979, Cambodia _____ a civil war and then people ____ to flee their country to Thailand and other countries.

A. had / decided

B. was having / decided

C. had had/ decided

D. had / had decided

Where will you live when you________ of your flat?

A. moved out

B. moving out

C. had moved out

D. move out

I _______ you when I get home.

A. would call

B. will calling

C. will call

D. call

The traffic ______ terrible when I was driving home yesterday.

A. had been

B. was

C. was being

D. were

What would you do if the you ______ one million dollars?

A. won

B. had won

C. were winning

D. win

After Jim ______ his holiday in Spain, he wanted to learn Spanish.

A. had spending

B. was spending

C. had spent

D. spent

If you _____ choose any company, which company ______ you like to work for?

A. can / will

B. could / would

C. can/ would

D. could / will

What __________ at 8pm last night?

A. was you doing

B. did you do

C. were you doing

D. you did

I was very tired because I ______ too much.

A. was studying

B. studying

C. studied

D. had studied


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