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To Infinitive/Bare Infinitive/Gerunds Quiz


I would rather ————– at home than ————–out with you.

A. staying/going

B. to stay/ to go

C. stay/go

D. stayed/went

She didn’t say a word and left the room.

A. She left the room without saying a word

B. She leaving the room without saying a word

C. She left the room saying a word

D. She left the room to say a word.

Peter sometimes help his sister ————–.

A. do homework

B. to do homework

C. with homework

D. all are correct

Your house needs ————– .

A. redecorated

B. redecorating

C. being redecorated

D. to redecorate

I can’t read when I am traveling. It makes me ————– sick.

A. feel

B. to feel

C. felt

D. feeling

I would rather you ————–.

A. drive

B. to drive

C. drove

D. driven

A lots of needs ————– to the house before anyone can move in.

A. be done

B. doing

C. to do

D. done

We have plenty of time. We needn’t ————–

A. hurry

B. to hurry

C. hurrying

D. hurried

The driver stopped ————– a coffee because he felt sleepy.

A. have

B. to have

C. having

D. had

Did you accuse Nam of ————– a plate? Well, I saw him ————– it off the table with his elbow.

A. break/ knock

B. breaking/ knocking

C. to break/ to knock

D. breaking/ knock

I remember ————– my mother said the grass in the garden needed ————–.

A. to hear/cutting

B. hear/cut

C. heard/to cut

D. hearing/ cutting

I need ————– what’s in the letter. Why don’t you let me ————– it?

A. to know/ to read

B. know/ read

C. to know/ read

D. knowing/ read

Our room needs ————– up.

A. tidied

B. to tide

C. tidy

D. tidying

Many young people are fond of ————– football and other kinds of sports.

A. play

B. to play

C. playing

D. played

Please wait a minute. My boss is busy ————– something.

A. write

B. writing

C. to write

D. to writing

Have you ever considered ————– a pharmacist?

A. become

B. becoming

C. to become

D. became

It was a nasty memory. Do you remember both of us wearing sunglasses to avoid ————– bythe supervisors?

A. to recognize

B. to be recognized

C. recognizing

D. being recognized

It is about time you ————– harder for the next exam.

A. worked

B. working

C. work

D. to work

The students are used to ————– in the school library.

A. working

B. work

C. to work

D. worked

I promised ————– on time. I mustn’t ————– late.

A. be/be

B. to be/to be

C. to be/ be

D. be/to be

“ Was the test long?”. “ Yes, John was the only one ————– it”

A. to finish

B. finishing

C. finished

D. finish

We regret ————– you that we cannot approve your suggestion.

A. inform

B. to inform

C. informing

D. informed

I remember ————– them to play in my garden.

A. to allow

B. allow

C. allowing

D. allowed

I’m sure that he knows ————– this new machine.

A. to use

B. using

C. how using

D. how to use

Mercury’s low gravity makes you ————– very light in a spaceship.

A. feel

B. feeling

C. to feel

D. felt


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