Grammar Quiz

Past Simple - Present Perfect Quiz


I ____________ this movie many times.

A. saw

B. have seen

I’ve never ………. a girlfriend.

A. had

B. have

C. has

D. having

__________ you (ever/ try) shrimp? – Oh yes, I _______ (eat) it last year.

A. Have you ever tried – ate

B. Did you ever try – have eaten

C. Did you ever try – ate

D. Have you ever tried – have eaten

___ you ______(finish) your homework yet?

A. Did / finished

B. Have / finished

C. Did / finish

D. Have finish

I ______(visit) another country before.

A. have never visited

B. never visited

Last holiday I _____(visit) my grandma. I really missed her!

A. visit

B. have visited

C. was visiting

D. visited

I ___ never ____(miss) an English lesson.

A. am / missing

B. have / missed

C. have / missd

D. was missing

I _______ to a party last night.

A. went

B. have gone

What was it like? ___ you ____(like) it?

A. Did / like

B. Did / liked

C. Have / liked

D. Have / likeed

Have we …… before?

A. meet

B. met

C. meeting

D. meets

I ____(be) really good at most subjects at school.

A. were

B. been

C. have been

D. was

Mary _________ a lot of problems since she ________ to Brazil.

A. has, has come

B. has had, came

C. had, came

D. had, has come

We _______ lunch at 1:00.

A. had

B. have had

_____ Sarah met your new boyfriend?

A. Did

B. Has

They ______(clean) the car. It looks new again.

A. cleaned

B. were cleaned

C. have cleaned

D. are cleaning

We _____(go) to Italy last year.

A. have gone

B. went

C. have been

D. goed

____ you ever ____(meet) someone famous?

A. Have / meeted

B. Did / meet

C. Have / met

D. Did / meeted

Katty and I ____(go) to the cinema yesterday.

A. gone

B. went

C. goed

D. have gone

“Sam ______(arrive) in San Diego a week ago.”

A. has arrived

B. have arrived

C. arriven

D. arrived


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