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Nouns - Word Form-ION Quiz


What has he invented?

What is _______________?

A. our invented

B. his invention

C. his invented

Your _______________to the _____________was very useful.

A. contribute/discuss

B. contribution/ discussion

C. contribusion/ discution

Choose the best word:

I’m working with an ___________called “Save the Bees”

A. organize

B. organization

C. organizetion

What do you suggest?

Have you got any__________?

A. suggest

B. suggestions

Complete the second sentence, so that it means the same as the first.

Do you collect stamps? Have you got a _________?

A. stamp collect

B. stamp collection

C. collect

Children who go to the school get a very good _________________.

A. educate

B. education

C. educates

Will they permit us to go?

Will they give their ______________for us to go?

A. permision

B. permission

C. permit

Can you describe your best friend?

Can you give me ___________________of your best friend?

A. a describe

B. a description

C. describe

D. descripcion

I decided to love English so much. I’ve made the _____________ to study it at the university¡

A. desicion

B. decision

C. decition

What did you decide?

What was ____________________?

A. the decide

B. your decision

C. your desition

Introduce/ motivate

A. introduccion/motivateion

B. introducsion/motivateon

C. introduction/motivation

Write nouns for these verbs:

apply – satisfy

A. aplytion / satisfytion

B. aplication/satisfaction

C. aplicasion/satisfition


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