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To infinitive - Gerund Quiz


You should spend time _______ your life more.

A. to enjoy

B. enjoying

C. enjoy

D. to enjoying

The police warned Ray ______ the crime scene.

A. not to disturb

B. disturbing

C. disturb

D. A & B

E. B & C

Would you mind ______ down the volume?

A. to turn

B. turn

C. turning

D. not to turn

Can you help me _____ the room?

A. to repaint

B. repaint

C. repainting

D. be repainted

Did you remember ______ him my regards?

A. to send

B. sending

C. to be sent

D. sent

Jim promises ______ me a bear.

A. buying

B. to buy

C. to buying

D. buy

I hate _____ at by people.

A. to laugh

B. laughing

C. being laughed

D. laugh

Could you try ______ a look at this for me? I’ve been trying ______ it for the last three hours, but it won’t work.

A. taking – fixing

B. to take – to fix

C. taking – to fix

D. to take – fixing

Stop ______! I’m tired of all your tears.

A. to cry

B. to crying

C. crying

D. cry

I’m looking forward ______ him again.

A. to see

B. to seeing

C. seeing

D. being seen

My friends detest ___________ flirted by unknown people on the street. It’s disgusting.

A. to get

B. get

C. getting

D. to be gotten

It is important __________ on time.

A. to be

B. being

C. be

D. been

She is used to _______ part in my school’s football club.

A. taking

B. take

C. be taken

D. taken

The boy persuaded his mother ________ him stay at his friend’s house that night.

A. letting

B. to let

C. to letting

D. let

She is busy _______ her homework.

A. to do

B. doing

C. done

D. to be doing

The girl offered _______ me cross the street yesterday.

A. helping

B. to help

C. help

D. on helping

You should avoid ________ into trouble

A. getting

B. to get

C. on getting

D. get

You should practice ________ English more.

A. to speak

B. speaking

C. to be speaking

D. spoken

I can’t risk _____ the match. My team is depending on me.

A. to lose

B. lose

C. losing

D. to losing

I clearly remember ______ my bag here! But now it has disappeared.

A. to leave

B. leaving

C. leave

D. to be left


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