Grammar Quiz



Harris borrowed my eraser because he has lost _________ .

A. her

B. hers

C. his

D. he

That pen belongs to __________ . It is _________ .

A. I , me

B. I , mine

C. me , mine

D. mine , me

The boys are playing in the rain. __________ will catch a cold soon.

A. They

B. We

C. He

D. She

The doctor advised __________ to be more careful.

A. we

B. our

C. ours

D. us

____________ is the largest country on Earth?

A. Which

B. Why

C. How

D. Who

The cow is looking for its calf. __________ is missing.

A. He

B. She

C. It

D. We

This is not our room. ____________ is larger than this.

A. Our

B. Ours

C. We

D. Your

___________ are you returning the book you borrowed from me?

A. What

B. Whose

C. When

D. Which

You are getting lazy. ___________ must improve yourself.

A. Your

B. You

C. I

D. me

This is not your bag. ____________ is brown in colour.

A. Yours

B. Ours

C. My

D. His

___________ are you doing in my room, Jack?

A. Why

B. Where

C. When

D. What

Salina and I are good friends. __________ walk to school together.

A. They

B. She

C. It

D. We

__________ singers up there on the stage are from Hong Kong.

A. This

B. These

C. That

D. Those

Look! There is a fly on my food. Please chase ________ away.

A. you

B. them

C. him

D. it

Badrul’s jacket is blue but __________ is red.

A. my

B. mine

C. me

D. I


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