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Order of Adjectives Quiz


My dad is a ____________ man

A. strong tall Indian

B. Indian strong tall 

C. strong Indian tall 

My father gave a _________ watch.

A. new Japanese black

B. black Japanese new

C. new black Japanese

Their dog is a ____________ shepherd.

A. big brown German

B. German big brown

C. big German brown

My neighbor has a ________ baby.

A. cute little new

B. little new cute

C. cute new little

D. new little cute

You need to wash your ____________ T-shirt!

A. dirty cotton white

B. white dirty cotton

C. dirty white cotton

D. white cotton dirty

I saw a/an _______________ dog.

A. ugly brown little

B. little brown ugly

C. brown little ugly

D. ugly little brown

I am drinking from a ________ cup.

A. small English tea

B. small tea English

C. English tea small

This is a/an _______ cat.

A. unfriendly brown old

B. old brown unfriendly

C. brown unfriendly old

D. unfriendly old brown

My aunt has a ____________ couch.

A. comfortable old-fashioned pink

B. old-fashioned comfortable pink

C. pink comfortable old-fashioned

D. pink old-fashioned comfortable

He has a __________ clock.

A. wooden wonderful old

B. old wonderful wooden

C. wonderful old wooden

D. wonderful wooden old

I am going to wear my _______ tie to the wedding.

A. big blue cotton

B. blue big cotton

C. big cotton blue


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