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1st and 2nd Conditionals Quiz


If people _____ in apartments, they would _____ less electricity.

A. live, use

B. live, to use

C. lived, use

D. lived, to use

If I didn’t know you, I _________ you were crazy.

A. would think

B. would thought

C. think

D. will think

Everybody will know if you ____ absent for the final exam.

A. is

B. are

C. was

D. were

If he _______ a really famous singer, he ___________ all his friends.

A. meets – will tell

B. meeted – would tell

C. met – would tell

D. met – will tell

If the teacher sees me, she _____ tell me to focus on the lesson.

A. will

B. doesn’t

C. would

D. wouldn’t

Our lives would be much easier if you _______ closer to home.

A. work

B. would work

C. worked

D. works

Why do we use the 1st Conditional?

A. Facts

B. Possible Future

C. Imaginary Future

D. Imaginary Past

If you _____ the book, I will read it also.

A. enjoy

B. enjoys

C. enjoyed

D. didn’t enjoy

If people used less social media, they _______ have more time.

A. will

B. won’t

C. would

D. wouldn’t

You won’t have a problem if you ______ to all the classes.

A. come

B. came

C. doesn’t come

D. didn’t came

How is the 1st Conditional made?

A. if + past simple, would + verb

B. if + present simple, future simple

C. would + verb + if + past simple

I wouldn’t believe you if you ____ me you ____ 10 million AED.

A. tell, win

B. told, win

C. tell, won

D. told, won

If English wasn’t important, we ________ need to learn it.

A. will

B. won’t

C. would

D. wouldn’t

If you don’t _____ too fast, you _____ get traffic fines.

A. drive, will

B. drive, won’t

C. driving, would

D. driving, wouldn’t

They ________ unhappy if it ______ at the music festival next week.

A. are – will rain

B. was – would rain

C. would be – rained

D. will be – rains

If you ______ good at running, you would be a good football player.

A. is

B. are

C. be

D. were

If we didn’t _____ about other cultures, we wouldn’t ______ people from other countries.

A. know, understand

B. knew, understand

C. know, understood

D. knew, understood

If she ______ her essay tomorrow, she ___________ to the beach.

A. finishes – will go

B. finish – will go

C. finished – would go

D. finished – will go


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