1st and 2nd Conditionals Quiz


Our lives would be much easier if you _______ closer to home.

A. work

B. would work

C. worked

D. works

If you don’t _____ too fast, you _____ get traffic fines.

A. drive, will

B. drive, won’t

C. driving, would

D. driving, wouldn’t

If people _____ in apartments, they would _____ less electricity.

A. live, use

B. live, to use

C. lived, use

D. lived, to use

If people used less social media, they _______ have more time.

A. will

B. won’t

C. would

D. wouldn’t

If you ______ good at running, you would be a good football player.

A. is

B. are

C. be

D. were

If the teacher sees me, she _____ tell me to focus on the lesson.

A. will

B. doesn’t

C. would

D. wouldn’t

If he _______ a really famous singer, he ___________ all his friends.

A. meets – will tell

B. meeted – would tell

C. met – would tell

D. met – will tell

I wouldn’t believe you if you ____ me you ____ 10 million AED.

A. tell, win

B. told, win

C. tell, won

D. told, won

If English wasn’t important, we ________ need to learn it.

A. will

B. won’t

C. would

D. wouldn’t

You won’t have a problem if you ______ to all the classes.

A. come

B. came

C. doesn’t come

D. didn’t came

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