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Past Perfect Quiz


The lights _______ (go) off because we _______ (not pay) the electricity bill.

A. went / hadn’t paid

B. had gone / didn’t pay

C. went / didn’t pay

D. had gone / hadn’t paid

To make a past perfect tense negative, which word would you add?

A. not

B. never

C. no

D. none

Complete the sentence:

‘Mica and Yin (stop) going to the library after the construction began.’

A. have stopped

B. were stopping

C. had stopped

D. has stopped

‘She _______ (live) in China before she ______ (go) to Thailand.’

A. lived / had gone

B. had lived / went

Complete the sentence:

‘We ________ (enjoy) the movie until the power went out!’

A. had not enjoyed

B. had enjoyed

C. enjoyed

D. not enjoyed

Complete the sentence:

‘Years before, he _________ (to be) working as an accountant, but in 2018, he worked as a waiter.

A. had to be

B. has been

C. has to be

D. had been

We ______ (be) late for the plane because we ______ (forget) our passports.

A. had been / forgot

B. were / had forgotten

C. are / forgot

D. were / forgotten

After they _______ (eat) the sandwich, they_______ (begin) to feel sick.

A. ate / had begun

B. had eaten / begun

C. has eaten / began

D. had eaten / began

She _______ (tell) me she _______ (study) a lot before the exam.

A. tells / studies

B. had told / studied

C. told / had studied

D. tells / studies

We use the past perfect tense to talk or write about

A. the past

B. the past before another event in the past

C. the best parts of the past

D. the past after another event in the past

Which word is key to use when writing the past perfect verb tense?

A. had

B. have

C. has

D. none

Complete the sentence:

‘When I arrived at the cinema, the film _____ already ______’

A. – / started

B. has / started

C. had / started

D. starts

Identify the past perfect:

‘She had not remembered to visit her grandma before going to Canada.’

A. had not

B. remembered

C. not remembered

D. had not remembered

Complete with the negative past perfect:

‘Ashley ________(know) how to roller skate before the trip.’

A. had known

B. had not known

C. had never known

D. had unknown

He ______ (meet) her somewhere before.

A. met

B. had met

C. meeted

D. meet


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