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Grammar Present Perfect (ever never) Quiz


Have you ________ eaten Chinese food?

A. ever

B. never

Have you… been to China?

A. never

B. not

C. ever

D. got

been to / ? / astronauts / other / ever / planets / Have

A. Have astronauts ever been to other planets?

B. Have ever astronauts been to other planets?

C. Astronauts have ever been to other planets?

D. Have astronauts been to other planets ever?

I have ______ ________ to Europe.

A. have ever

B. never visit

C. have ever

D. never been

How long has the baby slept?

A. It has slept for last night

B. She has slept for half an hour

C. She has slept since half an hour

D. It has slept for half an hour

Present perfect is formed by…

A. HAVE/ HAS + past participle

B. HAVE + past

C. AM/IS/ARE + past participle

D. HAVE/HAS + present

We have… to Paris.

A. never been

B. ever been

C. never being

D. never be

We have _______ ______ _______

A. never make a cake.

B. have a cake.

C. never made a cake.

D. ever do a cake.

We_____never_____(live) in the desert.

A. have, live

B. have, lived

C. are, lived

D. has, lived

Salem _____ never ______ off a mountain.

A. has – fell

B. have – fall

C. have – fallen

D. has – fallen

I ______ called her, but she _________ answer her phone!

A. has / isn’t

B. have / didn’t

C. has / don’t

D. has / didn’t

A: Have you ever __________ (think) about making a robot?

B: Yes, I have.

A. think

B. thinked

C. thinking

D. thought

______ you ever _____ in the sea?

A. Have / swum

B. Have / swim

C. Has / swum

D. Have / swam

. / we / an / never / island / visited / have

A. We have never visited an island.

B. Have we visited never an island.

C. We never an island have visited.

D. We never have visited an island.

He… the bus

A. has missed

B. have missed

C. hasn’t missed

D. has miss

A: Has she climbed Mount Everest?

B: Yes, she __________.

A. has ever

B. has never

C. hasn’t

D. has

She has… the lottery

A. win

B. winned

C. won

D. wont


A. hasn’t played for Argentina

B. have played for Argentina

C. has played for Argentina

D. have play for Argentina

Have you ________ to China?

A. went

B. ever go

C. ever been

D. ever

Order the words to make sentences and questions.

Saeed / an / never / has / elephant / seen / . /

A. Saeed never has seen an elephant.

B. Saeed has never seen an elephant.

C. Has Saeed never seen an elephant.

D. Has Saeed an elephant never seen.

Choose the correct sentence

A. Have you NEVER played chess?

B. Have you EVER play chess?

C. Have you EVER played chess?

D. Have you NEVER play chess?

The interrogative form is…

A. Have been you…?

B. You have ever been…?

C. Have you ever been…?

D. You been have ever…?

Robert Downey Jr… performed as Iron Man.

A. hasn’t

B. have

C. haven’t

D. has

Ahmed _____ never_____ (climb) a volcano.

A. have, climb

B. have, climbed

C. has, climbed

D. is, climbed

I … eaten scorpions!

A. haven’t ever

B. has never

C. have never

D. haven’t ever


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