Grammar Quiz

Present/Future/Past Simple/Present Perfect Quiz


Pasteur _____ in the 19th century.

A. A. was living

B. B. lived

C. C. had lived

D. D. has lived

The man ________ out the key and ________ the car door.

A. A. was taking / opened

B. B. took / opened

C. C. took / would open

D. D. took / had opened

I _______my homework as soon as Lan goes here.

A. A. will finish

B. B. will be finishing

C. C. finish

D. D. will have finished

Alexi _______ four languages up to now.

A. A. has learnt

B. B. is learning

C. C. will learn

D. D. had learnt

He will take the dog out for a walk as soon as he ________ dinner.

A. A. finish

B. B. finishes

C. C. will finish

D. D. shall have finished

Ask her to come and see me when she _______ her work.

A. A. finishes

B. B. would finish

C. C. finished

D. D. finishing

Since I left Venezuela six years ago, I _______to visit friends and family.

A. A. didn’t return

B. B. hadn’t returned

C. C. returned

D. D. haven’t returned

They ______ table tennis when their father comes back home.

A. A. will play

B. B. will be playing

C. C. play

D. D. would play

He _____ in London for 30 years.

A. A. has lived

B. B. is living

C. C. was living

D. D. had lived

Jack _______ for the local newspaper last year.

A. A. stopped working

B. B. stops working

C. C. had stopped to work

D. D. has stopped to work

Lan________ learning English a few years ago.

A. A. starts

B. B. will start

C. C. started

D. D. is starting

His relatives_______some board games when they_______to his house tomorrow.

A. A. will play/ will come

B. B. play/ come

C. C. play/ will come

D. D. will play/ come

We have been living here _______ 1990.

A. A. for

B. B. from

C. C. since

D. D. during

They didn’t collected enough books and clothes for their volunteer programme yet.

A. A. books

B. B. for

C. C. didn’t collected

D. D. yet

Kevin _______ at that high school from 1998 to 2001.

A. A. studies

B. B. has studied

C. C. was studied

D. D. studied


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