Grammar Quiz

Present Simple: affirmative, negative, interrogative Quiz


We use “Simple Present” to talk about…

A. actions in future

B. routines and habits

C. actions in progress

D. actions in past

Complete the sentence.

She___________ hard for the tests.
A. studies

B. study

C. studying

D. studyies

She always ____________tennis in the park.

A. plays

B. play

C. playes

We _______________ many good friends.

A. haves

B. has

C. have

Choose the correct question:

A. Does you like chocolate?

B. Do he like chocolate?

C. Do you like chocolate?

Choose the correct question:

A. Does he like dogs?

B. Does he likes dogs?

C. Do he like dogs?

Does Ben chat online? Yes,  ____________.
A. she does
B. he does
C. I do
D. he doesn’t

(Negative) You ________ eat the dinner

A. don’t

B. doesn’t

C. not

___ they _____ football every day?

A. Does / plays

B. Does / play

C. Do / play

D. Do / plays

Arrange the following words into a sentence.

for, Dan, is, late, school, never
A. Dan is late for school never.

B. Is Dan late for school?

C. Never is Dan late school for.

D. Dan is never late for school.

My mother always _______ the dishes

A. washes

B. wash

C. washs

______ old are you?

A. How many

B. How

C. Where

I ___________________ (like) modern music. I _______________ (not like) classical music.

A. likes, doesn’t like

B. like, don’t like

C. likes, doesn’t likes

D. likes, not likes

Why ____ your dog ____ so much noise?

A. does / makes

B. does / make

C. do / make

D. do / makes

Complete the sentence:

My friends _________ watch TV at night
A. doesn’t

B. doesnt

C. dont

D. don’t

_______ pens do you have in your pencil-case?

A. How

B. How many

C. How long

________ do you live?

A. Which

B. What

C. Where

Complete the sentence:

She ___________ play tennis.
A. isn’t

B. doesn’t

C. aren’t

D. don’t

____ Dan ____ a car?

A. Does / have

B. Do / have

C. Does / has

D. Do / has

Finish this sentence:

She ______ ______ in an office
A. doesn’t play

B. doesn’t work

C. don’t work

Do Joe and Kate play basketball? Yes, ____________.
A. he does
B. she does
C. we do
D. they do

Complete the question:

___________ you speak English?
A. Are

B. Is

C. Does

D. Do

Do you go to the beach? No, ____________.
A. I do
B. you do
C. I don’t
D. you don’t

Complete the question:

___________ Jim work on Fridays?
A. Do

B. Does

C. don’t

D. doesn’t

_______ time do you get up?

A. Why

B. How

C. What


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