Present Simple: affirmative, negative, interrogative Quiz


Complete the sentence.

She___________ hard for the tests.
A. studies

B. study

C. studying

D. studyies

Finish this sentence:

She ______ ______ in an office
A. doesn’t play

B. doesn’t work

C. don’t work

Complete the question:

___________ you speak English?
A. Are

B. Is

C. Does

D. Do

We use “Simple Present” to talk about…

A. actions in future

B. routines and habits

C. actions in progress

D. actions in past

Do Joe and Kate play basketball? Yes, ____________.
A. he does
B. she does
C. we do
D. they do

Where _____ Sara _____ ?

A. does / live

B. does / lives

C. do / live

D. do / lives

My mother always _______ the dishes

A. washes

B. wash

C. washs

Complete the sentence:

My friends _________ watch TV at night
A. doesn’t

B. doesnt

C. dont

D. don’t

____ Dan ____ a car?

A. Does / have

B. Do / have

C. Does / has

D. Do / has

Do you go to the beach? No, ____________.
A. I do
B. you do
C. I don’t
D. you don’t


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