Grammar Quiz

Present Perfect Quiz


Have you ever played the guitar?

A. No, I haven’t.

B. No, he hasn’t.

C. No, they haven’t.

D. No, it hasn’t.

_________ she done her homework ?

A. Have

B. Is

C. Has

D. Had

She’s worked there ……. years

A. since

B. for

She________(live) here for 10 ten years.

A. Had live

B. Have live

C. Has lived

D. Has

She has not play in the class

A. Incorrect

B. Correct

I’ve lived in this town _____ 2012.

A. since

B. for

Choose the correct sentence

A. My best friend never ate pizza with chocolate

B. My best friend never eaten pizza with chocolate

C. My best friend has never eaten pizza with chocolate

Has Zéti cleaned his car? Yes, he ________.

A. have

B. has

C. did

I have ____ a horse and a camel

A. Riden

B. Roden

C. Rode

D. Ridden

I _____________ never ever eaten this chicken food before.

A. Had

B. Have

C. Has

D. Having

Bob and George have ______________ their homework.

A. done

B. do

C. did

D. doing

How long ……. you been here in Ha Noi?

A. is

B. are

C. have

D. has

He ___________(have/not/come) back to his hometown since 2000.

A. Hasn’t came

B. Haven’t come

C. Hasn’t come

D. Have not came

We ________ finished the meeting.

A. have

B. has

C. having

I ____________(have/just/come) back home.

A. Had just come

B. Had came just

C. Have just come

D. Have just come

I ___________________________ a cat.

A. have had never

B. has had never

C. have never had

D. has never had

My sister has ____ to a concert

A. Go

B. Goes

C. Gone

D. Goed

My friends ___________________ the homework.

A. has do

B. have do

C. has done

D. have done

Have your friends ever read papelucho?

A. Yes, I have.

B. Yes, she has.

C. Yes, they have.

D. Yes, we have.

They’ve ______ arrived

A. just

B. already

C. since

D. yet

odd one out

A. yesterday

B. recently

C. lately

D. since

Which one is correct?

A. Have you see the new film?

B. Have you seen the new film?

C. Did you seen the new movie?

I’ve been here ____ a few weeks.

A. since

B. for

What have you done?

A. I swam in the beach.

B. I swim in the beach

C. I have swum in the beach

Which one is correct?

A. Have you never written an e-mail in English?

B. Have you just written an e-mail in English?

C. Have you ever written an e-mail in English?


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