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Present Perfect Quiz


Has she eaten suri?

A. Yes, she is.

B. yes, she has

C. No, she hasn’t

D. no she has.

I have ______ been in the USA



You haven’t … very much.

A. eaten

B. eatten

C. ate

D. eating

How long have you been a student?

A. I have been a student in Quintero.

B. I have been a student for 10 years.

C. I have studied in Rancagua and Iquique.

D. You have been a student since 2010.

Have you ……. been in the USA?



What have you done?

A. I swam in the beach.

B. I swim in the beach

C. I have swum in the beach

Have you ever played the guitar?

A. No, I haven’t.

B. No, he hasn’t.

C. No, they haven’t.

D. No, it hasn’t.

Has your friend ever spoken English?

A. Yes, I have.

B. Yes, he has.

C. Yes, we have.

D. Yes, it has.

We’ve ….  all the answers.

A. find

B. found

C. finded

D. founded

be – was – 

A. be

B. bean

C. been

D. beef

____________ he (call) _______________________ María?

A. Have he called María?

B. Has he called María?

C. Have he call María?

D. Have he calling María?

I __________ a teacher since 1998.

A. has been

B. hasn´t been

C. have been

I am looking for my pen. I __________ it.

A. have lost

B. did lost

C. has lost

take – took – _______

A. take

B. taken

C. tooken

D. token

Annie and Tom ______________________ the new student.

A. has met

B. have met

C. has meeting

D. have meeting

Look! She …………….. a new dress! (buy)

A. buyed

B. have bought

C. has bought

I ____ ____ there for 2 weeks.

A. has been

B. have been

C. have be

D. has was

go – went – 

A. got

B. gone

C. go

D. gotten

fly – flew – ____

A. flown

B. flew

C. flewn

D. flought

It ____ _____ all night.

A. have rained

B. have rain

C. has rained

D. has rain

I __________________ a student for five years. (be)

A. I have been a student for five years.

B. I has been a student for five years.

C. I have be a student for five years.

D. I have was a student for five years.

He has ______ a novel

A. write

B. wrote

C. written

My mother has ______________ gone to a museum.

A. for

B. since

C. never

D. have

I’ve ______________ finished all my tasks for this week.

A. already

B. yet

C. so far

choose the grammar structure of present perfect

A. subject , have +simple past verb

B. subject+have-has verb+past participle verb

C. subject+past participle verb +have has

D. subject + has +past participle ver


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