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Prepositions - Conjunctions Quiz


Mr. Winthrop is a dynamic, determined, and articulate person who will succeed in sales _____ he has limited experience in this area of business.

A. already

B. perhaps

C. as far as

D. even though

 _____ the new computers are arriving next week, no plans have been made to dispose of the old ones.

A. Despite

B. When

C. Although

D. Whereby

_____ the terms of the contract, Mulz Janitorial Service will clean all offices in the Lundquist Building daily.

A. As long as

B. Because

C. According to

D. In order that

The ink cartridge is designed for the SZ2000 laser printer _____ should not be used with any other model.

A. while

B. and

C. or

D. also

Mobile phones have become _____ prevalent that telecommunications companies are establish service in areas previously thought too remote.

A. only

B. such

C. so

D. still

The leadership conference will be held in Lanesveile, which is about 50 miles from downtown Seattle and easily accessible _____ car or train.

A. in

B. by

C. on

D. at

Manager Tony Lopez is in charge of unloading the merchandise _____ the supply trucks arrive at the supermarket.

A. when

B. hardly

C. just

D. soon

This afternoon’s flight to Barcelona, London and Rome have all been delayed _____ inclement weather in the destination cities.

A. as for

B. due to

C. now that

D. only if

The department-wide changes suggested _____ Ms. Juntasa received unanimous approval from the company management.

A. in

B. of

C. by

D. as

The community swimming pool is not to be used at any time _____ a trained lifeguard is on duty.

A. in fact

B. unless

C. in case

D. otherwise

Payment of monthly parking vouchers can be made either by personal check _____ by automatic withdrawal from a bank account.

A. but

B. and

C. or

D. if

 _____ severe winter weather, affected bus routes may be either redirected or temporarily suspended until the roads are cleared.

A. According to

B. In the event of

C. Of the following

D. Out of support for

Patrons who arrive at the theater _____ the show has begun will not be seated until the intermission.

A. wherever

B. into

C. along

D. after

The Estes Museum explores the life and work of artist Mariella Estes and is located just _____ of Valparaison, Chile.

A. outside

B. through

C. next

D. beyond

_____ graduating from Laccord University, Jing Xiong worked for Osiris Financial Service.

A. During

B. After

C. Next

D. Above

 It costs less to build and staff a gym than it does to pay for health care, train new staff or hire temporary staff to take over when someone becomes ill _____ stress or overwork.

A. due to

B. of

C. since

D. more than

 The consent on the Aspero Designs Website is protected by copyright law and may not be reproduced _____ the company’s written consent.

A. behind

B. without

C. except

D. before

Ms. Yao’s final performance marks _____ only the end of an extraordinary career, but also her twentieth anniversary with the Rebelo Dance Company.

A. not

B. none

C. neither

D. nothing


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