Grammar Quiz

Present Perfect or Past Simple Tense Quiz


We _______ a lot of sweets yesterday.

A. ate

B. had eat

C. have eaten

She ……………….football since she was 10 years old

A. have played

B. played

C. has played

D. plaid

Technology _______ changed a lot.

A. have

B. has

C. does

D. never

_________ the TV before going to bed last night?

A. Did you turn off

B. Did you turned off

C. Have you returned

D. Have you turned off

When ___________ to the beach? Last month!

A. have you gone last

B. did you last go

C. did you last went

D. have you last gone

Last year, I ____________ my grandma in her birthday.

A. have visited

B. was visiting

C. visited

D. visit

______ Bill and John ever eaten Thai food?

A. Are

B. Did

C. Have

D. Has

Wipe your feet! I ________ just _______ the floor!

A. have/mop

B. did/mop

C. have/mopped

She ________ since yesterday.

A. hadn’t sleep

B. haven’t slept

C. hasn’t sleep

D. hasn’t slept

They __________ to Athens almost 2 years, I miss them so much.

A. go

B. have gone

C. have been

D. went

I………… this sofa with him yesterday.

A. sitting

B. sits

C. sat

D. set

______ you _________ lunch already?

A. Have/eat

B. Did/ate

C. Have/eaten

Technology __________ some failures over the years.

A. has

B. has had

C. had

D. having

go – went – ?

A. going

B. to go

C. gone

D. goes

Peter (play) ______ football yesterday.

A. has played

B. play

C. played

D. has play

E. playing

Have you ever ______ exotic food?

A. eat

B. ate

C. eaten

D. eating

We ______________ at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas last time we went.

A. have stayed

B. staying

C. been

D. stayed

I _____ a very interesting film yesterday.

A. see

B. saw

C. seen

Becky ______ Game of Thrones. She ______ it in 2016.

A. hasn’t read / read

B. read / has read

C. has read / read

D. has read / has read

I ……………………………. a lot about her before I heard that she was safe.

A. has worried

B. had worry

C. have worried

D. had worried

After the wedding ceremony, they …………….. to Paris where they spent their honeymoon.

A. have gone

B. went

C. gone

D. didn’t go

_________ been to the United States? Yes, I have been twice.

A. You have

B. Ever have you

C. You ever

D. Have you ever

Have you ever ______ exotic food?

A. eat

B. ate

C. eaten

D. eating

She didn’t ______ to the movies last week.

A. go

B. goes

C. went

D. gone

They ________________ building the new mall yet.

A. have been

B. haven’t finished

C. been

D. hasn’t finished


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