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Future - Will and Be going to Quiz


I………………….to the cinema

A. going to

B. will go

C. go

D. am go

(A)… you going to see the movie?
(B) Yes, I ….

A. Do / am

B. Are / are

C. Are / am

(A) When … they … arrive? (B) I’m not sure.

A. do / go to

B. will / going to

C. are / going to

Write the sentence in question form:
She will buy a computer in Media Market

A. She will buy a computer in Media Markt?

B. Will she buy a computer in Media Markt?

C. Buy she will a computer in Media Markt?

D. She in Media Markt will buy?

… you … go home after our English class?

A. Are / are

B. Do / will

C. Are / going to

What … your brother going to do tomorrow?

A. are

B. is

C. does

Complete the sentence: They ……………….watch tv next Monday

A. not will

B. don´t will

C. isn´t will

D. won´t

My friend … a birthday party next week.

A. is going to has

B. going to have

C. is going to have

Write this sentence in negative: She will work

A. She not will work

B. she not work

C. she isn´t work

D. she won´t work

I can see a lot of gray clouds in the sky.  I think it … rain soon.

A. is going to

B. goes to

C. going to

(A) … your friend going to join us? (B) Yes, she ….

A. Is / is

B. Are / will

C. Will / will

… are you going to do on your summer holiday?

A. Where

B. What

C. How

What time are you going to … for the airport?

A. leaving

B. leave

C.  leaves

Which one is correct?

A. I do wil exams tomorrow

B. you will do exams Tomorrow?

C. Will you do exams tomorrow?

D. You not won´t do exams

Write the sentence in negative:
They will play football next week

A. They not will play football next week

B. They don´t will play football next week

C. They will don´t play football next week

D. They won´t play football next week

(A) … they going to be here soon? (B) No, they ….

A. Are / aren’t

B. Do / not

C. Are / won’t

Complete the sentence: ……………………she go to the doctor?

A. Will

B. wills

C. going

D. willes


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