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Future - Will and Be going to Quiz


… you … go home after our English class?

A. Are / are

B. Do / will

C. Are / going to

(A) When … they … arrive? (B) I’m not sure.

A. do / go to

B. will / going to

C. are / going to

Write this sentence in negative: She will work

A. She not will work

B. she not work

C. she isn´t work

D. she won´t work

Complete the sentence: They ……………….watch tv next Monday

A. not will

B. don´t will

C. isn´t will

D. won´t

What … your brother going to do tomorrow?

A. are

B. is

C. does

Complete the sentence: ……………………she go to the doctor?

A. Will

B. wills

C. going

D. willes

Write the sentence in negative:
They will play football next week

A. They not will play football next week

B. They don´t will play football next week

C. They will don´t play football next week

D. They won´t play football next week

(A)… you going to see the movie?
(B) Yes, I ….

A. Do / am

B. Are / are

C. Are / am

What time are you going to … for the airport?

A. leaving

B. leave

C.  leaves

Write the sentence in question form:
She will buy a computer in Media Market

A. She will buy a computer in Media Markt?

B. Will she buy a computer in Media Markt?

C. Buy she will a computer in Media Markt?

D. She in Media Markt will buy?

(A) … your friend going to join us? (B) Yes, she ….

A. Is / is

B. Are / will

C. Will / will

(A) … they going to be here soon? (B) No, they ….

A. Are / aren’t

B. Do / not

C. Are / won’t

Which one is correct?

A. I do wil exams tomorrow

B. you will do exams Tomorrow?

C. Will you do exams tomorrow?

D. You not won´t do exams

My friend … a birthday party next week.

A. is going to has

B. going to have

C. is going to have

I………………….to the cinema

A. going to

B. will go

C. go

D. am go

… are you going to do on your summer holiday?

A. Where

B. What

C. How

I can see a lot of gray clouds in the sky.  I think it … rain soon.

A. is going to

B. goes to

C. going to


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