Grammar Quiz

Present Perfect, Present Simple, Present Continuous Quiz


Ken is travelling round Asia. He ______ (visit) 4 countries.

A. has been visiting

B. has visited

C. visited

D. had visited

Jen ______________( watch) TV for two hours.

A. has watched

B. had been watching

C. have watched

D. has been watching

She …………. to Europe every summer.

A. travel

B. is travelling

C. travels

D. will travel

Complete these sentences below using either the present simple or present continuous.

I —————golf every weekend.

A. play

B. am playing

C. have played

D. playing

Are you hungry? Do you ___________ a sandwich?  

A. are you wanting

B. want

C. wants

D. wanting

At the moment, he __________ music.

A. is listening to

B. are listening to

C. listens to

D. listen to

A: Why _________ ? (smile) B: Because I’m happy. 

A. do you smile

B. are you smiling

C. are you not smiling

D. don’t you smile

Tom usually …… tea every day.

A. drink

B. drinking

C. drinks

D. is dinking

You meet a writer. You ask: How many books __________ (write)?

A. have you been writing?

B. have you wrote?

C. have you written?

D. have you writed?

This coffee doesn’t _______ right. 

A. taste

B. tasting

C. tastes

D. tasted

_______________ he (call) _______________________ María?

A. Have he called María?

B. Have he call María?

C. Has he called María?

D. Have he calling María?

Have you … really strange or interesting food?

A. ever eaten

B. ate

C. never eaten

D. eating

We _________________ this movie already.

A. We have seen this movie already.

B. We have seed this movie already.

C. We has seen this movie already.

D. We have seen already this movie.

Why …….. Kelly so miserable today?

A. is

B. have

C. are

D. does

It must be very cold. She……….a coat

A. wear

B. wears

C. is wearing

D. am wearing

My grandmother …. for a walk every day.

A. goes

B. is going

C. go

D. has gone

So far, Tom ________________ (read) 53 pages.

A. have read

B. has been reading

C. has read

D. read

Look! The monkey ………. the tree!

A. climb

B. Is climbing

C. climbs

D. climbing

Every month I __________ my aunt in Malibu.

A. am visiting

B. visit

C. visits

D. is visiting


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