Present Simple Progressive Quiz


What question matches the answer:

The baby is crying because she is hungry.
A. Why is the baby crying?

B. Why the baby is crying?

C. Why does the baby cry?

D. Who is crying?

Right now I________a grammar quiz in English and I_______that it is pretty good.

A. finish,am believing

B. am fiinishing,believe

C. finish,believe

D. finishes,believe

Now I_____you!!!

A. remember

B. am remembering

C. remembers

D. remembers

I am really sorry,I________to you,but I________anything you are saying.

A. am listening,don’t understand

B. listen,understand

C. am listenig,understand

D. am listening,am not understanding

______she_______to me?!

A. Is,lying

B. Is,lieing

C. Does,lie

D. Is,lie

The police officer________the investiation right now and he_______to see the suspect.

A. is beginning,wants

B. begins,wants

C. is beginning,is wanting

D. is begining,wants

tick the correct sentence

A. speak and talk are stative verbs

B. eat and drink are stative verbs

C. run and race are stative verbs

D. remember and forget are stative verbs

Every summer we______on the vaction,but this summer,because of the Corona,we_______here.

A. are flying,are staying

B. fly,stay

C. fly,are staying

D. fly,aren’t staying

Where_______your father________?

A. is,working

B. do,work

C. does,works

D. does,work

Many people in Israel_________to travel to Dubay these days because we finally_______peace with them.

A. are planning,have

B. are planning,are having

C. plan,have

D. plan,don’t have


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