Grammar Quiz

Present Simple vs Past Simple Quiz


When ____ they in London in 2020?

A. was

B. were

C. is

D. are

Peter usually ______ coffee in the morning but yesterday he ______ a cup of tea.

A. drink – drank

B. drinks – drinks

C. drinks – drank

D. drink – didn’t drinks

My dog sometimes ______ a mouse and _____ it to the front door.

A. caught – brought

B. caught – bring

C. catches – brings

D. catch – brings

Last year, we ______ in Nha Trang. It was a beautiful city!

A. are

B. is

C. were

D. was

We _____ a really good film at the cinema last night.

A. watch

B. did watch

C. didn’t watched

D. watched

They _____ shopping last night and bought many things.

A. go

B. did

C. does

D. went

I ______ Jessica an email yesterday afternoon.

A. sent

B. send

C. was sent

D. didn’t sent

Why _____ you help your brother with the homework? – Because he was too lazy.

A. did

B. didn’t

C. don’t

D. doesn’t

We always ______ the flowers in the early morning.

A. waters

B. water

C. watering

D. watered

We _____ English on Fridays.

A. have

B. has

C. had

D. did have

He is upset because he ______ his driving test yesterday.

A. fails

B. fail

C. failed

D. faling

My mom usually _____ early in the morning and _____ exercise.

A. gets up – does

B. get up – do

C. got up – did

D. get up – do

My cousins _____ us every weekend.

A. didn’t visit

B. did visit

C. don’t visit

D. doesn’t visit

We _____ to the beach last weekend.

A. go

B. went

C. did go

D. was go

Jenny often ______ flowers in the market.

A. bought

B. buys

C. buy

D. brought

She _____ at the movie theater after school.

A. works

B. work

C. does work

D. don’t work

Carlos always _____ spaghetti but two days ago he ____ soup.

A. eat – ate

B. eat – eating

C. ate – eat

D. eats – ate

Peter _____ a test once a month.

A. had

B. have

C. has

D. was have

My grandmother ____ us last weekend.

A. visit

B. visiting

C. visited

D. was visit

____ your mom bake a banana cake yesterday?

A. Was

B. Were

C. Did

D. Does


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