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Pronouns and Adverbs Quiz


The neurologist_____ helped me complete the patient information form.

A. herself

B. hers

C. she

D. her

The scan will begin_______ .

A. when ready the machine is

B. when the machine is ready

C. when is ready the machine

D. when ready is the machine

_________and don’t panic in an emergency.

A. Stay calm

B. Stay calmly

C. Calmly stay

D. Calm stay

_________have caught the new strain of the flu.

A. Many

B. Any

C. No one

D. Anyone

There are two doctors on duty. One can help you, but__________ .

A. other can’t

B. others can’t

C. the others can’t

D. the other can’t

She went to another specialist _______a second opinion.

A. getting

B. to get

C. and get

D. to have got

I’ve been very lazy; I haven’t done_______ all day.

A. nothing

B. anything

C. something

D. everything

If couples don’t talk to_______ , they will never solve their problems.

A. another one

B. each one

C. the other

D. each other 

Hold the device carefully or you will hurt_______ .

A. yourself

B. yours

C. your

D. you

I am annoyed with _____because he was late for his shift at the hospital.

A. himself

B. he

C. him

D. his

Many have had the flu shot and, thankfully,______ have had side effects.

A. a few

B. a little

C. few

D. little

The doctors met to discuss ______patients.

A. the other one

B. one another’s

C. one the other’s

D. one another

The medicine worked______ and she soon felt better.

A. surprise fast

B. surprisingly fastly

C. surprising fast

D. surprisingly fast

You must help us because we cannot do this______ .

A. ourselves

B. yourself

C. themselves

D. himself

Each of the doctors_______ a busy schedule this morning.

A. are having

B. is having

C.   has

D. have

‘Ah! School! ______were the days!’ sighed Grandma.

A. This

B. That

C. Those

D. These

______left that parcel for you this morning.

A. Somebody

B. Nobody

C.  Anybody

D. Everybody

Young doctors have to_______ to get ahead.

A. hardly work

B. work hard

C. work hardly

D. hard work 

Look at______ amazing rice field over there!

A. these

B. those

C. this

D. that

What_______ an theory!

A. amazed interested

B. amazed interesting

C. amazing interesting

D. amazingly interesting


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