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Question tag and + - Agreement Quiz


I entered the wrong class,……………

A. she did too

B. she did so

C. she didn’t either

D. she did neither

She was not good at English,….?

A. wasn’t she?

B. is she?

C. was she?

D. did she?

we have met him twice, ….

A. so did she

B. so does she

C. she doesn’t either

D. neither does she

my father was quite wise,…….?

A. wasn’t she?

B. wasn’t he?

C. was he?

D. were he?

Your presentation is not satisfying,……?

A. isn’t it?

B. is it?

C. do you?

D. don;t you?

I have told you before,….?

A. have I?

B. dont I?

C. haven’t I?

D. do I?

She has a talent to do sports,……….

A. her sister has too

B. so has she

C. so does she

D. she does either

You had many alternatives to choose,…?

A. don’t you?

B. didn’t you?

C. hadn’t you?

D. do you?

our teachers are great, …

A. their teacher are too

B. their teacher is too

C. so was their teacher

D. their teachers do too

We did not respect him anymore, ….

A. they did too

B. they didn’t either

C. they were too

D. they were not either

They claimed that it’s right,…?

A. were they?

B. weren’t they?

C. did they?

D. didn’t they?

you do wrong things, …….?

A. are you?

B. do you?

C. yes you?

D. don’t you?


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