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Adverbs (manners & modifiers) Quiz


Please walk ______. If we break something we’ll need to pay.

A. careful

B. carfully

C. carefuly

D. carefully

That car is coming _____. Let’s wait for the green light.

A. fastly

B. fast

C. fasty

D. faster

A snail moves incredibly ______.

A. slow

B. slowly

C. slower

D. snowy

A love your clothes. You always dress _______.

A. fasionable

B. fashionably

C. fashionly

D. fashy

I now I eat very _______, but I love Mc’Donalds!!

A. unhealth

B. unhealthy

C. unhealthly

D. unhealthily

As you can see, I paint really _____. I’m almost an artist.

A. good

B. goody

C. well

D. wheel

They eat very ______. The dinner finished in 15 minutes.

A. quicky

B. quicklly

C. quickly

D. quick

As you can see, I can swim quite ______.

A. easily

B. easely

C. easly

D. easy

She can speak English _______. I love her accent.

A. perfecty

B. perfectily

C. perfect

D. perfectly

He danced _______ during the party. I think he is a professional dancer.

A. beautiful

B. beautifully

C. beautifuly

D. beautifusly

In Brazil, people drive ________!!

A. dangerously

B. dangerous

C. danger

D. dangerly

I can’t believe I failed the exam!! I studied so _____.

A. hardly

B. hardy

C. hard

D. bad


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