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Reported - Gerund Quiz


“ You must not get into the area,” the policemen said.

A. The policemen stopped them from getting into the area.

B. The policemen denied from getting into the area.

C. The policemen wanted them to get into the area.

D. The policemen suggested getting into the area.

“ I didn’t take your phone”

A. She denied not taking my phone

B. She denied to take my phone.

C. She admitted not taking my phone.

D. She promised not to take my phone.

“Great! You are well-dressed today, Mary” said Tommy.

A. Tommy accused Mary on being well-dress.

B. Tommy complimented Mary on being well -dress.

C. Tommy told Mary to be well-dress.

D. Tommy wanted Mary to be well-dress.

The group leader prevented his members _______.

A. to go on

B. to going on

C. from going on

D. going on

“ Don’t touch that flower!” the old lady said to the boy.

A. The old lady wanted the boy not touching that flower.

B. The old lady insisted the boy on touching that flower.

C. The old lady warned the boy against touching that flower.

D. The old lady congratulated the boy on not touching that flower.

“ I am sorry. I broke the vase,” my little son said.

A. My little son said that he was sorry and he would break the vase.

B. My little son refused breaking the vase and said sorry.

C. My little son threatened to break the vase.

D. My little son admitted breaking the vase.

“May I go out, Mum?” – “No, I won’t let you go out.”

A. The mother prevented her child from going out.

B. The mother suggested going out

C. The mother thanked her child for going out

D. The mother insisted her child on going out

“Are you the new manager, Daisy? Congratulation!” said Billy.

A. Billy looked forward to being the new manager.

B. Billy dreamed of being the new manager.

C. Billy prevented Daisy from being the new manager.

D. Billy congratulated Daisy on being the new manager.

“Thank you very much for your help, John” said Daisy.

A. Daisy thanked John for helping her.

B. Daisy told John to help her.

C. Daisy would like John to help her.

D. Daisy wanted John to help her and said thanks.

“You cheated in the exam,” the teacher said to his students.

A. The teacher accused his students of cheating in the exam.

B. The teacher advised his students to cheat in the exam.

C. The teacher prevented his students from cheating in the exam.

D. The teacher insisted his students on cheating in the exam.

“ You have just got a promotion, haven’t you? Congratulation!” Peter said to his friend.

A. Peter dreamed of getting promotion.

B. Peter told his friend if his friend getting a promotion.

C. Peter asked his friend on getting a promotion.

D. Peter congratulated his friend on getting on promotion.

“ Please give me some more money, Mum,” Daisy said.

A. Daisy protected her mother from giving her some more money.

B. Daisy insisted her mother on giving her some money.

C. Daisy dreamed of her mother giving her some more money.

D. Daisy looked forward to giving her mother some more money.

Jane suggested going to the cinema.

A. Jane said, “Let’s go to the cinema, shall we?”

B. Jane said, “We oughtn’t to go to the cinema.”

C. Jane said, “I hate going to the cinema.”

D. Jane said, “Going to the cinema is boring”

Mary accused Peter of stealing her money.

A. Mary said, “ It is you that stole my money.”

B. Mary said, “ Congratulation! Well done with your stealing my money.”

C. Mary said, “ Could you please steal my money.”

D. Mary said, “ Don’t steal my money.”

John _______ him carry the package.

A. thanked me for helping

B. said thanking with me to help

C. told me to thank with helping

D. asked me to thank and help


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