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Similes and Body Idioms Quiz


The play was a big hit!

A. was a success

B. was very long

What does “sweet as honey” mean?

A. it’s gooey

B. it’s drippy

C. it’s sweet

D. it’s the color of honey

The night was as black as ________.




Is the following sentence a simile?
Her hair was as yellow as the sun.
A. Yes
B. No

I crossed my fingers with anticipation!

A. good luck

B. pointed at something

What two things are being compared in this sentence? After doing 20 push-ups John’s arms felt like limp noodles.

A. push-ups and John

B. arms and noodles

C. push-ups and noodles

D. John and noodles

He did not want the talk to get out of hand.

A. inside the classroom

B. out of control

as white as a sheet

A. person is scary

B. person is scared

C. person is fair-skinned

Complete the Simile:

As cold as _______
A. ice

B. sand

C. crystal

D. silk

What does “pretty as a picture” mean?

A. something is ugly

B. something you have a picture of

C. something is beautiful

D. something is in the shape of a frame

“My dad is strong like Superman” is saying….

A. My dad is NOT strong

B. My dad wishes he were superman

C. My dad is very strong

D. My dad is Superman

The boy liked to play video games.

A. simile

B. not a simile

as light as ___________

A. a baby

B. a book

C. feather

D. wing

“My bed felt like a fluffy cloud” means…

A. Clouds are fluffy.

B. Fluffy clouds are good to sleep on.

C. The bed was very soft and fluffy.

Which simile means ‘showing a lack of courage or easily frightened’?

A. as brave as a lion

B. as calm as a cat

C. as timid as a cat

D. as timid as a mouse

Choose the word that best completes the simile.
He ran as slow as a ___.
A. jaguar
B. race car
C. turtle
D. tornado

Which simile means “a piece of cake’?

A. as hardworking as an ant

B. as happy as a king

C. as clear as cystal

D. as easy as ABC

She practiced her lines. She knew the lines by heart.

A. memorized the lines

B. forgot the lines

My backpack was like a bag of bricks.
A. simile
B. metaphor

Choose the word that best completes the simile.
The baby rabbit was as small as ___.
A. a whale
B. a mouse
C. a giant
D. an elephant

Choose the word that best completes the simile.
He ran as slow as a ___.
A. jaguar
B. race car
C. turtle
D. tornado

A little birdie told me that the test would be next week!

A. Someone told me a secret

B. a small bird

I have the heart of a lion.
A. simile
B. metaphor

The needed to pull together. Then they could out on a great play.

A. waited in line

B. worked as a team

What does “slow as a snail” mean?

A. it looks like a snail

B. it’s the shape of a snail

C. it moves quickly

D. it moves very slowly


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