Similes and Body Idioms Quiz


“My dad is strong like Superman” is saying….

A. My dad is NOT strong

B. My dad wishes he were superman

C. My dad is very strong

D. My dad is Superman

Luz made up her mind to play Henny Penny.

A. understood

B. decided

like a fish out of water

A. feel unusual

B. feel comfortable

C. feel strange and uneasy

A simile COMPARES 2 things using the words ____ or _____.

A. and, or

B. like, as

C. and, like

he Nintendo Wii cost an arm and a leg!

A. was very expensive

B. arms and legs are body parts

as white as a sheet

A. person is scary

B. person is scared

C. person is fair-skinned

It all sounded like a bunch of mumbo jumbo! I couldn’t understand what the teacher was saying!

A. To call something total nonsense

B. it was massive

Phei Qinn was calm and ____________ during the spelling quiz.

A. as cool as a cucumber

B. as tough as nails

C. as loud as thunder

D. as good as gold

I told the students to get their act together.

A. behave properly

B. acting out in a play

I have the heart of a lion.
A. simile
B. metaphor


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