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Grammar - First Conditional Quiz


The cake ________ (taste) good if you _________ (add) some lemon zest.

A. taste / don’t add

B. tastes / will add

C. will taste / will add

D. will taste / add

You _______ (pass) the exam if you _______ (study).

A. won’t pass / don’t study

B. will pass / don’t study

C. pass / will study

D. will pass / will study

If you _______ (leave) at three o’clock, you _______ (arrive) in Eskişehir at 5. It takes 2 hours to go there.

A. leave / arrives

B. will leave / arrive

C. leave / will arrive

D. will leave / will arrive

If the weather ________ (improve), they will cancel the match.

A. doesn’t improve

B. won’t improve

C. don’t improve

D. will improve

If you ________ (promise) me not to be late, I _________ (give) you a ride.

A. promise / will give

B. will promise / give

C. will promise / will give

D. promise / won’t give

If he _________ (give) me a lift, I _________ (be) late for the meeting.

A. will give / won’t be

B. gives / won’t be

C. give / won’t be

D. will give / will be

If we _______ (go) on holiday this year, we _______ (go) to Kemer because it is our favourite resort.

A. go / will go

B. don’t go / go

C. will go / go

D. will go / will go

If she ________ (get) a haircut, she ________ (look) more beautiful.

A. get / will look

B. gets / will look

C. will get / will look

D. will get / looks

If you _______ (take) a taxi, you _______ (be) late.

A. will take / will be

B. don’t take / will be

C. won’t take / will be

D. won’t take / are

If your father _______ (be) too busy, I ________ (help) you with fixing your computer.

A. are / can help

B. will be / help

C. will be / will help

D. is / can help

If he ________ (come), I ________ (be) surprised.

A. come / will be

B. comes / will be

C. will come / will be

D. will come / am

________ (go) to the match if I ________ (buy) the tickets?

A. Will you go / buy

B. Do you go / won’t buy

C. Do you go / will buy

D. Will you go / will buy


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