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Simple and Continuous Present Tense Quiz


She ______to become a doctor.

A. am studying

B. are studying

C. is studying

Stephen _______ for the Unit Test.

A. am preparing

B. is preparing

C. are preparing

Charlotte speaks Spanish. Spanish is her native language, but right now she ……….. English.

A. is speaking

B. speaking

C. speaks

D. spoke

Tina usually __________________ at 7:00.

A. get up

B. is getting up

C. gets up

They ………….. breakfast right now.

A. is having

B. are having

C. has

D. have

The Sun _____ in the west.

A. set

B. sets

C. are setting

Wow ! It ________ .

A. am amazing

B. is amazing

C. are amazing

It’s 6:30 P.M. Kelly is at home. She ………..dinner with her family.

A. eats

B. is eating

C. is eat

D. ate

Ali and Rafa _______________ (stay) in Spain for two weeks this summer.

A. stay

B. stays

C. is staying

D. are staying

Jamal and his friends usually ……………………. on their pronunciation.

A. practised

B. practise

C. practising

D. is practising

I ______ an interesting book these days.

A. am reading

B. is reading

C. are reading

Where is Kate? She ________ (watch)   TV in the living room.

A. is watching

B. watches

C. are watching

D. watch

We shop at the mall every Saturday.

A. Present Continuous

B. Simple Present

Right now I’m in class. I ……….at my desk.

A. sits

B. sitting

C. am sitting

D. sat

Choose the best answer.

A. Amy always revises before an exam.

B. Amy revise before an exam.

C. Amy revising before an exam.

D. Amy is revised before an exam.

The shop ……………….. at 8.30 in the morning.

A. is opening

B. are opening

C. opens

D. open

Hannah __________English exercises twice a week.

A. am writing

B. write

C. is writing

D. writes

Zack ………………… when he doesn’t understand.

A. asking questions

B. ask questions

C. asks questions

D. am asking questions

I´m walking into the classroom _________________. I´ll phone you later.

A. always

B. often

C. at the moment

D. every year

Mathan _____ never late for school.

A. am

B. is

C. are

A spider ________ eight legs.

A. am

B. is

C. has

D. have

Choose the best answer.

A. I checking a new word at this moment.

B. I’m check a new word at this moment.

C. I is checking a new word at this moment.

D. I’m checking a new word at the moment.

Tom and Edin ______ English.

A. am speaking

B. is speaking

C. are speaking

The magazine ______ bimonthly.

A. come

B. have

C. has

D. comes

Choose the best answer

A. She is listening to English songs.

B. She listen to English songs.

C. She are listening to English songs.

D. She does listen to music.


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