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Singular and Plural Nouns Quiz


He used a _____ to dice some _____and carrots for the stew.

A. knife , potatos

B. knife , potatoes

C. knives , potatoes

D. knife , potatoss

The _____ go out to sea in their boats.

A. fishermen

B. fishermans

C. fishermens

D. fisherman

A _________ is a mammal.

A. whale

B. whales

C. whaless

D. whaleses

My _______ don’t like to play in the sun.

A. friends

B. friendes

C. friendess

D. friend

Those _____ were in the robber’s bag.

A. ring

B. rings

C. ringes

D. ringies

The coach told all the basketball _______ to practice dribbling for half and hour.

A. player

B. players

C. playeres

D. playerss

________ do not eat meat. They eat grass.

A. Sheeps

B. Sheep

C. Sheepes

D. Sheepies

Holly put on her goggles and a swimming _____ before diving into the pool.

A. caps

B. cap

C. capes

D. capss

The ______ are going to see their children.

A. woman

B. womans

C. womens

D. women

The ____ have eaten the cheese on the table.

A. mouse

B. mouses

C. mices

D. mice

Martin took out a palette and some _______ before he started to paint on his paper.

A. brushes

B. brush

C. brushs

D. brushies

Please clean all the ________ in the basket.

A. tomatos

B. tomatoes

C. tomatoss

D. tomatoess

My father bought two colourful _________ yesterday.

A. umbrellas

B. umbrella

C. umbrellaes

D. umbrellaies

There is some _____ in the jug.

A. milks

B. milkses

C. milk

D. milkies

The teacher scolded the two _____ and told them not to skip any more _____ in the future.

A. boy , class

B. boys , class

C. boy , classes

D. boys , classes

The _________ are falling to the ground.

A. leafes

B. leafs

C. leaves

D. leave

There are some _______ fluttering on the flowers.

A. butterfly

B. butterflys

C. butterflies

D. butterflyes

Preeta’s favourite bedtime _____ are Cinderella and Repunzel.

A. storys

B. storyies

C. stories

D. story

My __________ are sewn by my tailor.

A. dress

B. dresses

C. dressess

D. dreses

Remember to wash both of your _____ before you eat your _____.

A. hands , food

B. hand , foods

C. hands , foods

D. hand , food


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