Grammar Quiz

Articles & Quantifiers Quiz


______ Mr. Davis is the new company director.

A. The

B. X

C. A

D. Some

I´m taking chemistry and physics. ______ subjects are challenging.

A. Both

B. Two

C. A couple

D. X

There are ______ chairs here. We need a dozen more.

A. a little

B. little

C. few

D. a few

_____ war between Peru and Chile should have never happened.

A. The

B. A

C. Any

D. X

______ tiger is a kind of big cat.

A. These

B. X

C. A

D. An

______ dinosaurs are extinct now.

A. The

B. Much

C. X

D. Enough

The kids spilled _____ juice all over the kitchen floor.

A. X

B. the

C. a

D. any

_____ the students in Alex´s class are teenagers.

A. All

B. Some

C. All of

D. Any

______ Dominican Republic is _____ country located in ______ Caribbean.

A. The – the – the

B. A – a – a

C. A – the – a

D. The – a – the

Do you have ______ money to lend me?

A. a few

B. any

C. a piece of

D. most

This grammar book has a ____________ information.

A. lots

B. a great many

C. a great deal of

D. a number of

Kelly found _____ wallet. ______ wallet was full of cash.

A. a – The

B. the – The

C. a – A

D. the – A

___________ people were waiting for the interview outside.

A. An amount of

B. A great deal of

C. A little

D. A number of

A: Which book did you borrow? B: _____ one that is on your desk.

A. A

B. Each

C. X

D. The

Dad bought _______ cheese and ham for breakfast.

A. some

B. a few

C. a couple of

D. a dozen

______ dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel in 1867.

A. X

B. The

C. A

D. Some

You look tired. Are you doing ______ work?

A. many

B. much

C. few

D. plenty

I have ________ expenses now that I´m living with my parents.

A. less

B. fewer

C. any

D. a lot

______ moon orbits ______ Earth.

A. X – x

B. A – a

C. A – the

D. The – the

I can´t stand the huge _________ traffic in our city these days.

A. much

B. a great deal of

C. number of

D. amount of


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