Subjunctive Quiz


Choose the correct sentence using “what if”

A. What if I repair your broken laptop case

B. What if I repaired your broken laptop case

C. What if I repairing your broken laptop case

D. What if I sleep and don’t care to your laptop

Choose the best sentence using “wish”

A. I wish I went abroad

B. I wish I go abroad

C. I wish I gone abroad

D. I wish I going abroad

What if we … that grandmother

A. Helped

B. Help

C. Helps

D. Helping

He always dribbles a ball as if he … a professional player

A. Is

B. Were

C. Was

D. Ware

Don’t daydream, it’s high time you … and …

A. Step, struggle

B. Steps, struggles

C. Stepped, struggled

D. Stepping, struggling

Choose the best answer using “would rather”

A. Jesika would rather Jenny whispers about her secret

B. Jesika would rather Jenny whispered about her secret

C. Jesika would rather whispered to Jenny

D. Jessika would whisper rather than speak loudly

I think it’s high time we … our aspiration

A. Delivered

B. Delivery

C. Delivering

D. Delivers

Choose the correct sentence using “if only”

A. If only I spoken English fluently

B. If I only speak English fluently

C. If only I spoke English fluently

D. If only I speak English fluently

Leader: I can’t handle this bankruptcy

Member: If only I … you, I would reduce the expending of company
A. Become

B. Am

C. Was

D. Were

Look at your nephew, he sings as though he … in the concert

A. Were

B. Ware

C. Was

D. Is


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