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You are going to the party, ____________?

A. is you

B. are you

C. aren’t you

D. were you

You don’t have my keys, _____?

A. have you

B. does you

C. do you

My check was seldom correct, _______?

A. was it

B. wasn’t it

C. isn’t it

D. is it

E. won’t it

I’m a bit late, ______?

A. am not I

B. aren’t you

C. are you

D. aren’t I

Don was late, … ?

A. isn’t he

B. wasn’t he

Diana was a pretty queen, … ?

A. was she

B. wasn’t she

He seldom goes to the library, ______?

A. doesn’t he

B. is he

C. does he

D. isn’t he

Let’s go for a long walk, ______?

A. will we

B. shall we

C. don’t you

D. do you

I think he will join us, _____?

A. doesn’t he

B. won’t he

C. will he

D. don’t I

The teachers will not teach the students next Monday, … ?

A. will they

B. won’t they

She needs to feed the chicken in the morning,______?

A. doesn’t she

B. does she

C. needn’t she

D. need she

You are going to the party, ____________?

A. is you

B. are you

C. aren’t you

D. were you

Jorgi and Axel didn’t play badminton last saturday, … ?

A. do they

B. did they

The monument does not show the bust of President Clinton,______?

A. doesn’t it

B. does it

C. is it

D. isn’t it

He can speak English, _________________ ?

A. can he

B. can’t he

C. can’t him

D. could he

These cats look immensely lovely,______?

A. are these

B. don’t these

C. are they

D. don’t they

I’m not going to have to tell you again, _____?

A. are I

B. am you

C. am I

Riana is beautiful, ____________?

A. isn’t she

B. is she

C. is he

D. isn’t he

The film is good, _______________?

A. is it

B. are they

C. isn’t it

D. aren’t they

She doesn’t imagine that I have much money,______?

A. does she

B. do I

C. haven’t I

D. doesn’t she

My mom works hard every weekend, … ?

A. doesn’t she

B. won’t she

The students have finished their test very well, … ?

A. don’t they

B. haven’t they

You couldn’t give me a helping hand,______?

A. could you

B. do you

C. couldn’t you

D. don’t you

The Cat hasn’t any food to eat, … ?

A. has it

B. have it

John has worked hard, _________________?

A. hasn’t he

B. does he

C. did he

D. has he


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