Grammar Quiz

The Future Simple Tense Quiz


In six years time, Linda _____________  at university

A. am

B. was

C. will be

D. be

Nick ____________ lots of pictures next summer holiday.

A. will take

B. takes

C. took

D. could take

The exercise is easy. We know we __________ it very quickly.

A. do

B. will do

C. could do

D. did

 I’m sure they ___________ the first prize.

A. win

B. will win

C. going to win

D. should win

Jack thinks it ______________ tomorrow morning.

A. will rain

B. rains

C. going to rain

D. should rain

It’s very late! Hurry up or we ___________ late for school.

A. going to be

B. be

C. will be

D. are

Nam wants to get his father a new T-shirt. But he _____________ it tomorrow.

A. not buy

B. doesn’t buy

C. not to buy

D. won’t buy

The Browns ______________ on holiday in 4 days.

A. go

B. will go

C. went

D. could go

“There’s a good film on TV tonight.”  “Really? I  ___________ it.”

A. am going to watch

B. watch

C. could watch

D. will watch

Oh! There is little milk. I ____________ some.

A. buy

B. am going to buy

C. should buy

D. will buy


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