Grammar Quiz

The -ing Form of Verbs Quiz


Do you have lunch after _____ classes?

A. finish

B. to finish

C. finished

D. finishing

Some students prefer _____ on the laptop rather than on paper.

A. to studied

B. studying

C. to studying

D. study

If you ____ ____ games on the mobile, the teacher will tell you to stop.

A. keep playing

B. keeps playing

C. keep to play

D. kept playing

Some people get tired ____ ____ in traffic

A. of driving

B. of drive

C. for driving

D. for drive

The kitchen is used for ______.

A. cook

B. cooked

C. to cooking

D. cooking

Do you ____ ____ your old high school friends?

A. miss seeing

B. missed seeing

C. miss to see

D. missed to see

You can’t pass the quiz without ______.

A. study

B. studied

C. studying

D. are studying

He ____ ____ on the phone when the fire started.

A. is talking

B. was talked

C. were talked

D. was talking

Don’t you like _____ funny movies?

A. watch

B. to watching

C. watched

D. watching

My parents ____ _____ near the beach when the weather is nice.

A. enjoyed walking

B. enjoys to walk

C. enjoy walking

D. enjoy to walk

My family loves ____ mandi rice.

A. to eating

B. eating

C. eat

D. ate

I learned English by _____ to English friends.

A. speak

B. speaking

C. spoke

D. are speaking

Do you like to use a pencil or a pen for ______?

A. write

B. to write

C. writing

D. to writing

____ to new people is not easy for me.

A. Talk

B. Talking

C. To talk

D. Talked

Is your brother good ____ _____ football?

A. for play

B. at playing

C. for playing

D. at play

Are you _____ lunch right now?

A. have

B. to have

C. having

D. has

My sister ____ ____ espresso because the coffee is too strong.

A. hate to drink

B. hate drinking

C. hates drink

D. hates drinking

____ quiet is hard when you feel excited.

A. Be

B. Being

C. To be

D. To being

_____ piano is a wonderful skill to have.

A. Playing

B. To playing

C. Played

D. Play

Maybe you should give up ____ this game because it takes too much of your time.

A. to play

B. playing

C. to playing

D. play


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