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Nouns Quiz


Stacy told her friends a story.
Direct object?

A. Stacy

B. friends

C. story

D. told

What type of noun does this describe: a general non-specific person, place, thing, or idea

A. Common

B. Proper

C. Plural

D. Concrete

E. Abstract

Choose the correct abstract noun for the adjective given in the bracket.
_____________ needs no ornaments.(beautiful)

A. Beauty

B. Beautiful

What is the indirect object?
I made dinner for my family.

A. I

B. made

C. dinner

D. family

Mr. Khan owns a shop in this complex

A. Proper noun

B. Common noun

C. Collective noun

D. Material noun

Always speak the truth.

A. Truth – Abstract Noun

B. Always – Abstract Noun

C. Truth – Proper Noun

D. Always – Common Noun

Noun of friendly

A. friendliness

B. friendment

C. friendship

Read the sentence, and choose the proper noun:

All the peasants brought presents to King George’s birthday party.

A. peasants

B. presents

C. party

D. King George

Which of the following is an irregular plural noun?

A. oxen

B. ghosts

C. bears

D. vampires

Identify the type of noun:

A colony of ants moved in my garden

A. Common noun

B. Abstract noun

C. Proper noun

D. Collective noun

What are the common nouns in this sentence?

James played with the ball at the park?

A. James, ball, park

B. ball, park

C. played, ball

D. played, ball, park

_____ is one of the most precious metal

A. Coal

B. Brass

C. Plastic

D. Gold

A ____________ noun shows ownership.

A. plural

B. common

C. singular

D. possessive

common , proper, collective, concrete, countable, uncountable, abstract are the forms of _________.

A. Verbs

B. Nouns

C. Adjectives

D. Adverbs

What kind of noun would you use to show you have more than one of something?

A. a proper noun

B. a plural noun

C. an irregular noun

D. an abstract noun

I gifted Mary a bouquet of flowers for her birthday. (Identify the Collective noun in the sentence)

A. Mary

B. for her birthday

C. bouquet of flowers

What is the direct object?
John paid the bill for us.

A. John

B. paid

C. bill

D. us

One who operates on sick people is a ________

A. nurse

B. surgeon

C. physician

D. dentist

True or false? A proper noun must always be capitalized.



Which noun is written correctly in its plural form?

A. kittenes

B. bullies

C. foxs

D. ditchies

The swarms of mosquitos around the bayou are ridiculous.

A. abstract

B. collective

C. proper

D. concrete

Which noun phrase is written correctly?

A. Molly’s Davis’s shoes

B. Molly Davis’s shoes

C. Molly Davi’s shoes

D. Molly Davis’ shoes

This team is terrible at not being terrible.

A. abstract

B. proper

C. compound

D. collective

Noun of possible

A. possibility

B. possibilence

C. possibilement

Noun of perform

A. performance

B. performence

C. performation

D. perfomaty


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