Grammar Quiz

1st & 2nd Conditionals Quiz


Tom will be amazed if you _____ him the picture you drew.

A. show

B. showed

C. would show

People feel tired easily if they __________ (not get) enough sleep.

A. don’t get

B. not got

C. didn’t get

D. will go

If it ___ tomorrow, the match ___ cancelled.

A. rains / will be

B.  rain / will be

C. will rain / would be

Some plants ___ grow if you ___ them too much water.

A. won’t / give

B. wouldn’t / give

C. will / gave

If I __________ (not hurt) my leg, I would join the soccer game.

A. not hurt

B. didn’t hurted

C. didn’t hurt

D. don’t hurt

If we __________ (go) to the festival together, we‘d take many photos.

A. go

B. went

C. gone

D. will go

If there __________ (be) an emergency, who will you call?

A. will be

B. is

C. are

If the bus comes on time, Paul _______ (not be) late.

A. will be

B. won’t be

C. isn’t

We will go on a picnic tomorrow if my parents __________ (not be) busy.

A. aren’t

B. will not be

C. won’t be

D. wouldn’t be

If I were you, I __________ (rent) the apartment with a balcony.

A. would rent

B. will rent

C. rented

D. would rented

We _____ move if we _____ the money. Unfortunately, new houses are so expensive that we can’t afford it.

A. would / had

B. will / had

C. would / have

If I ______ you, I ______ him the truth.

A.  am / will tell

B. were / would tell

C. were / told

D. would rented

If she didn’t set the alarm clock, she __________ (oversleep).

A. would oversleep

B. will oversleep

C. wouldn’t oversleep

D. won’t oversleep

What will you do if you ___ the exam?

A. doesn’t pass

B. don’t pass

C. didn’t pass

Sherry __________ (know) the answer if she read the novel.

A. don’t know

B. doesn’t know

C. would know

D. knew


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