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Perfect Tenses Quiz


They —- (live) in Arizona for 3 years before they —- (move) to New York three months ago.

A. has lived – moved

B. had lived – moved

C. will have lived – moved

The book that I … in the classroom was found by Ali.

A. had left

B. will have left

C. have left

Kavita: When will your sister finish her study?

Sean: I hope she… by July next year.

A. will have graduated

B. has graduated

C. had graduated

Tones of rubbish___________everyday.

A. throw away

B. are thrown away

C. throwing away

D. are throwed away

Sonia _______________ her project when Laila came to her house.

A. had finished

B. has finished

C. have finish

D. has finish

My mother _____________ a message on the fridge, but I didn’t see it.

A. has leave

B. have left

C. had leave

D. had left

When the alarm went off, Tim ________________ eight hours

A. has slept

B. had slept

C. will have slept

I (see) that movie twenty times.

A. had seen

B. have seen

C. will have seen

By tomorrow morning, he ____________________ home safely.

A. will have arrived

B. will arrive

C. had arrived

D. was arriving

By next week we __________________ our personal narratives.

A. have finished

B. had finished

C. will have finished

Hari started learning to play chess when he was only five years old and won his first national chess competition when he was ten.

This means that Hari … to play chess very well by the time he was ten years old.

A. had learned

B. will have learned

C. has learned

The glass is still full. He _______________________ (not drink) his milk yet.

A. has not drunk

B. did not drink

C. was not drinking

D. not drank

Turn into passive
Some students study grammar on the Internet.

A. On the Internet is studied grammar by some students

B. students was studied grammar on the Internet

C. grammar is studied on the Internet by some students

He (work) for three different companies so far.

A. has worked

B. will have worked

C. had worked

The man___________ by the train.

A. was hit

B. being hit

C. were hit

D. be hit

When Nancy came to the hall, her classmates _______________ the chairs.

A. had arrange

B. have arrange

C. has arranged

D. had arranged

The naughty boy ______________ the expensive vase. It is awful.

A. have break

B. had break

C. have broken

D. has broken

When the soldiers got home, they discovered that their homes … during the war.

A. had been destroyed

B. has been destroyed

C. will have been destroyed

A new library……… our town

A. has built

B. have built

C. has been built

D. have been bult

The government … new bans to slow down the spreading of the virus.

A. have introduced

B. have been introducing

C. had introduced

D. had been introducing

We use this tense for a repeated action in an unspecified period between the past and now.

A. present perfect

B. past perfect

C. future perfect

The aeroplane ______________ ! Roslan is late again.

A. has take off

B. had took off

C. has taken off

D. have taken off

Look at this wall. Someone _______________ (paint) a beautiful picture on it.

A. had painted

B. was painted

C. has painted

D. had been painted

The passengers were angry because the airline ______________________ (lose) everyone’s bags.

A. was lost

B. had been lost

C. has lost

D. had lost

Ben _____________ all of his dinner and can have dessert now.

A. has finished

B. had finished

C. will have finished


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