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Perfect Tenses Quiz


When the alarm went off, Tim ________________ eight hours

A. has slept

B. had slept

C. will have slept

I _____ in the same place my whole life.

A. have lived

B. had lived

C. will have been living

By next week we __________________ our personal narratives.

A. have finished

B. had finished

C. will have finished

My back hurts because I … here for three hours.

A. was standing

B. have stood

C. have been standing

D. had been standing

This is the third time I ______ you to be quiet.

A. have told

B. have been telling

Tones of rubbish___________everyday.

A. throw away

B. are thrown away

C. throwing away

D. are throwed away

I ______ to bed before my mum arrived.

A. had gone

B. had been going

C. have gone

D. had been going

Rozita ____________ her books yesterday.

A. has taken

B. have taken

C. had taken

D. has take

The book that I … in the classroom was found by Ali.

A. had left

B. will have left

C. have left

Look at this wall. Someone _______________ (paint) a beautiful picture on it.

A. had painted

B. was painted

C. has painted

D. had been painted

Clara looked out the window. The pavement was wet. It ____________ at night.

A. has rained

B. have been rained

C. have rained

D. had rained

My friend said,” I have never seen such a good film.”

From the above statement, we may conclude that…

A. it was the first time he went to see a film

B. he seldom went to movies

C. this is the best film he has ever seen

D. the film he saw was a bad one

Don’t sit there! I _____ and the paint is wet.

A. have painted

B. have been painting

Amy realized an error in the book after she __________ through the whole book.

A. has gone

B. had gone

C. have gone

D. is gone

The kitchen is a mess. She _____ dinner.

A. have been making

B. has been making

Lewis: Why __________ you __________ them on the internet?
Danny: We __________ to try them on.

A. didn’t / buy / wanted

B. did / buy / were want

C. didn’t / bought / wanted

D. did / bought / wanted

The principal will have made an announcement before lunch time.​

A. Present Perfect

B. Past Perfect

C. Future Perfect

The naughty boy ______________ the expensive vase. It is awful.

A. have break

B. had break

C. have broken

D. has broken

I __________ early every day.

A. get up

B. am wake up

C. gets up

D. am wake up

After she _______ (pass) the course, she got a promotion.

A. has passed

B. has been passing

C. had been passing

D. had passed

Peter … out with Sarah for 5 months when she told him about her husband.

A. had gone

B. had been going

C. has gone

D. has been going

The maid waxed the bedrooms. Earlier, she _____________ the terrace and living room.

A. has waxed

B. will wax

C. had waxed

D. shall wax

I’m afraid the books you ordered………….. by Friday.

A. won’t have arrived

B. won’t have been arriving

C. will have arrived

D. will have been arriving

We _______ to see the doctor all morning.

A. had been waiting

B. have been waiting

C. will have been waiting

We use this tense for an action or situation that started in the past and continues in the present.

A. present perfect

B. past perfect

C. future perfect


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