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Perfect Tenses Quiz


Oh, no! Mr Kumu _______________ his old house.

A. has sold

B. have sold

C. had selled

D. has sell

Last week, Mr and Mrs David ______________ to visit their parents in the village.

A. has go

B. have gone

C. had gone

D. have go

When Nancy came to the hall, her classmates _______________ the chairs.

A. had arrange

B. have arrange

C. has arranged

D. had arranged

Mrs Suba ________________ with the company for many years. She still has a few more years to go.

A. has worked

B. have work

C. had worked

D. has work

Ashraf ______________ a few songs. Now, he is resting.

A. has sing

B. have sung

C. had sang

D. has sung

Rozita ____________ her books yesterday.

A. has taken

B. have taken

C. had taken

D. has take

I went to the the mall after I ____________ my homework.

A. has completed

B. had completed

C. have complete

D. has complete

The aeroplane ______________ ! Roslan is late again.

A. has take off

B. had took off

C. has taken off

D. have taken off

My mother _____________ a message on the fridge, but I didn’t see it.

A. has leave

B. have left

C. had leave

D. had left

The naughty boy ______________ the expensive vase. It is awful.

A. have break

B. had break

C. have broken

D. has broken

Sonia _______________ her project when Laila came to her house.

A. had finished

B. has finished

C. have finish

D. has finish

The villagers _______________ the old man’s house.

A. have repaired

B. has repaired

C. had repair

D. had repaired

The children ______________ at the playground. At the moment, they are eating ice-cream.

A. have played

B. had played

C. has played

D. had play

They already _____________ to the library when I arrived at the hall.

A. has go

B. have gone

C. had gone

D. had go

Great! Marina ____________ the story telling competition.

A. has win

B. has won

C. have win

D. had won


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