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Miscellaneous Grammar Usages Quiz


About two thousand years ago, Arabians in Persia began to craft clay pots, an innovation that accompanied the appearance of agriculture in the area central of the continent.

A. years ago

B. an innovation

C. agriculture

D. area central

__________ your mind! You take too long just to choose a T-shirt!

A. make up

B. mess up

C. give up

D. come up

Which sentence is correct?

A. She can sing sometimes very beautifully.

B. She can sometimes sing very beautifully.

C. She sometimes can sing very beautifully.

D. Sometimes can she sing very beautifully.

This job … by my friend next week

A. is done

B. did

C. will be done

D. was done

One of Farah’s favorit subjects in school is drama becuase ….. lots of fun and enjoys being part of it all.

A. has really she

B. she really has

C. she really is

D. is she really

She has no idea about what is __________.

A. flipping through

B. giving up

C. going up

D. going on

He likes his new job very much and

A. works hardly

B. hard works

C. hardly work

D. works hard

Plutonium is a rare extremely and precious element.

A. is

B. rare extremely

C. and

D. precious

People ___________ (light) the candles.

A. are lighted

B. are lit

C. lighted

D. light

Is this sentence an active or passive voice?

Kenneth is studying English.

A. active

B. passive

Which of the following sentences is written in passive voice? 

A. Water should be drunk throughout the day as the best way to hydrate your body. 

B. Abe drinks water throughout the day because it is the best way to keep the body hydrated. 

C. Drinking water throughout the day is the best way to hydrate your body.

D. You should drink water throughout the day as it is the best way to keep the body hydrated. 

He’s planning to ____ the family ___ somewhere warm for Christmas.

A. take out

B. take away

C. take over

D. take on

A touchdown was scored by the Cowboys, and there was much crying done by the Patriots.

A. active

B. passive

Can you please turn _____? I left my umbrella.

A. up

B. back

C. through

D. off

Tom’s party has been _________________ (cancelled)

A. put off

B. taken off

C. called off

D. given away

The bus was full.We couldn’t __________________

A. get along

B. get away

C. get out

D. get on

My wallet __________ (steal).

A. is stole

B. is stolen

C. are stolen

D. stolen

It estimated is that only thirty percent of our planet’s surface consists of land.

A. estimated is

B. our

C. surface

D. consists

Evidence of this may be saw in the terrifying figures of family decomposition.

A. Evidence

B. this

C. saw

D. terrifying

I think Jane deserved to be fired for her….?

A. totally behavior irresponsible

B. behavior totally irresponsible

C. irresponsible totally behavior

D. totally irresponsible behavior


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