Grammar Quiz

Adverbial Clause / If / Comparatives Quiz


Jupiter is ______ planet in the solar system.

A. the biggest

B. the bigger

C. bigger

D. biggest

He drives ______ his brother.

A. more careful than

B. more carefully

C. more carefully than

D. as careful as

She runs ______ in my class.

A. the slowest

B. the most slow

C. the slowly

D. the most slowly

They left the house ________ saying good-bye to their mother.

A. before

B. after

C. during

D. in

It was ______ day of the year.

A. the colder

B. the coldest

C. coldest

D. colder

The English test was ____ than I thought it would be.

A. the easier

B. more easy

C. easiest

D. easier

He left home early ________ he could arrive at the station on time.

A. because of

B. in order to

C. although

D. so that

If I had enough money, I ______________ abroad to improve my English.

A. will go

B. should go

C. would go

D. should have go to

. ________ he is tired, he can’t work longer.

A. Because

B. Even though

C. Although

D. Beside

Our teacher speaks slowly _______ we may understand him.

A. because

B. in order to

C. so that

D. or

She is ______ singer I’ve ever meet.

A. worse

B. bad

C. the worst

D. badly

I haven’t seen Tom _____ he gave me this book.

A. since

B. for

C. until

D. Before

He’s still going to school _________ his injury.

A. even though

B. although

C. in spite of

D. even though

My bedroom is _______ room in my house.

A. tidier than

B. the tidiest

C. the most tidy

D. more tidie

My sister dances _____ than me.

A. gooder


C. better

D. more good

Our visit to Japan was delayed _____ my wife’s illness.

A. because

B. because of

C. thanks to

D. Though

_______ I came to England, I couldn’t speak a work of English.

A. Since

B. After

C. While

D. Before

My new sofa is _____ than the old one.

A. more comfortable

B. comfortably

C.more comfortabler

D. comfortable

_______ he is old, he wants to travel around the world.

A. Inspite of

B. Although

C. Despite

D. Because

If I had known you were in hospital, I ____________ to see you.

A. will go

B. would go

C. went

D. would have gone

Mary is ______ responsible as Peter.

A. more

B. the most

C. much

D. as

If Peter _________, Sarah will be sad because she wants to meet him very much.

A. comes

B. do not come

C. does not come

D. will come

You won’t pass the exam ________ you study more.

A. as long as

B. unless

C. if

D. whether

Either you or I ………… right

A. am

B. are

C. were

A boat is _____ than a plane.

A. slower

B. slowest

C.more slow

D.more slower


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