Grammar Quiz

Adverb Of Place Quiz


Ming Hui walks ________of the room.

A. out

B. away

C. outside

D. near

The girls are going _______of the country for vacations.

A. outside

B. abroad

C. out

D. there

We are planning on having a picnic ___________.

A. here

B. anywhere

C. inside

D. abroad

Come ______! Father wants to talk to you.

A. nowhere

B. there

C. away

D. here

There is an accident _______ahead of them.

A. down

B. on

C. up

D. forward

Please put the books ________the table.

A. on

B. above

C. up

D. down

The cat is hiding ______the table.

A. somewhere

B. outside

C. everywhere

D. underneath

She threw the rubbish_________.

A. forward

B. up

C. away

D. nowhere

It’s raining, let’s go _______.

A. inside

B. outside

C. nowhere

D. here

My father is ________ on business.

A. far

B. away

C. anywhere

D. there

My grandpa is walking __________.

A. downstairs

B. anywhere

C. nowhere

D. here


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